SHAMROCKS Wand Rocks your Saint Patrick Day Parade Craft activity for kids

Easy craft activity for kids Shamrock HAT and WAND for your Saint Patrick Day Parade

Shamrock Wand and Hat: Saint Patrick Day craft activity for kids
Wand shamrock craft for Saint Patrick Day.

Shamrocks are so easy to make; just fold a piece of paper in half and cut out a heart- three times. Paste these together, give them a stem, voila! Instant Shamrocks. Next, make a rainbow link chain to decorate your hat or wear as a boa. You can even hang them from the ceiling for a fun, festive room!

 Simple: 3 hearts glued together, taped to a straw with shiny ribbon =  instant magic leprechaun wand to carry and wave in your very own parade! We painted ours with glitter glue for added sparkle. Paint your straw green too!

Shamrock Hat with Rainbow Links for St. Patrick's Day.

Silly: The hat above was once a paper plate. We cut the center out but left a rectangle to use as a stem. Next, we painted it all with green paint mixed with glitter.

After it dries, add your shamrock hearts to top and bottom of the "stem".  The bottom shamrock make the bill of your hat and the top one makes a silly finial. We glued a rainbow linky around the back because every leprechaun loves a good rainbow.

Be careful... our paint was too watery and our plate went limp. You might want to use a styro-foam plate and paste your hearts to cardboard so your hat doesn't WILT like ours did. Above all, have fun....

Kids can't wait to begin the parade. They don't care how perfect the hat turns out! Now start marching around the house or classroom and have a scavenger hunt for a POT of GOLD. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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