Kids Creative Chaos: Easy Preschool Science: Make a Mini Terrarium in a Jar

Easy Preschool Science: Make a Mini Terrarium in a Jar

How to Make a Terrarium in a Jar: Easy Ecosystem Science Lesson for Kids

We went to a nature park and saw this cool mini terrarium in a jar. It's the perfect spring gardening activity for  a preschool science lesson. Enjoy!

how to make an easy terrarium in a jar for preschool science
Preschool Science: How to make a terrarium in a jar.
Repurpose a large jar- applesauce jars work great! You'll need some pebbles, sand, topsoil, and herb seeds. This also makes a great gift in a jar for MOTHER'S DAY.

How to Make a Jar Terrarium

To make it extra special for Mommy, layer the items like a trifle jar. Place a handful of pebbles in the bottom of the jar, add 1/4 C. of sand, and then repeat. Now add a cup of topsoil.   Leave about 4" of space at the top of your jar.  Sprinkle your seeds on top, and lightly mist with a spray bottle. Try Sweet Basil, Oregano, Thyme, or Spearmint. Tie raffia ribbon around you jar and attach a gift tag for Mother's Day and care Instructions. 

Check your plant's moisture level daily. Water every other day or as needed. When the plants reach the top of the jar, remove the lid.

This is a great project to do when homeschooling or working with preschoolers. Pair it with an ecosystem lesson, seed study, or sustainability curriculum.

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