Lora Langston, Author

Lora Langston, Author of YA Fiction

Lora Langston was born in Indiana. She graduated from Ball State University where she was published in a student anthology while completing a double major in technical theater and architecture. Upon graduating, she briefly worked in the field of architecture, but her love for all things creative led her to children's programming. She taught dramatic play, enrichment classes, and summer camps for many years. This included a position as Manager of Museum Theater and Music at a living history museum.   

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Lora Langston, Author of YA Fiction, Allegedly Mystic

In 2006, she decided to create a blog about all the fun and creative activities she was sharing with kids. The blog did cartwheels every back-to-school season and during the holidays. Later, when her own children became school age, she decided that homeshooling was the best option for her family. She loved planning the homeschool lessons and began sharing it on the blog. Her blog, "Adventures of Kids Creative Chaos" quickly became well-known among the online community. 

Circle Time Activities Book for Preschool and Elementary

In 2011, she created a Pinterest profile. It seemed she had a knack for pinning activities that resonated with stay-at-home moms, preschool teachers, and early elementary teachers. As people visited her profile, they wanted to know how she had grown it so quickly. So, she created an eBook to share her methods.


While she was sharing her real world adventures online, marketing her brick and mortar business, The Play Connection, and its summer camp and enrichment programs, promoting her Pinterest ebook, and turning her online articles into books, she was slowly and silently amassing an online following. Before she knew it, she had developed sought after skills in digital marketing. Today, Lora works from home as a Digital Marketing Consultant helping small online businesses promote and manage their brands.


In her spare time, Lora Langston, likes to write YA Fiction and manages a Facebook group for her Author friends and all fans of historical fiction.

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Lora's first Supernatural, YA Fiction novel debuted in 2020. 
Look for the second book in the series coming soon.

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