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Inspiring quotes on friendship, catchy and country sayings (southern), and FREE short skit plays for Kids.

These cute quotes and quirky sayings are perfect for classroom bulletin boards or your Facebook wall post. Scroll down for free plays and skits for pre k to elementary age children. Enjoy!

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Country Sayings for Kids or your Facebook Wall posts.

Friendship isn't a big thing (Sayings for Kids)

Happiness is a day at the Beach

Happy Independence Day

When was the last time you did something  

Enjoy the little things in life

Home is where your story begins

Quotes about Life to share on Facebook

A New Year's resolution

Quote about Maple Syrup, square image

Jealousy quote to share

Jesus and Germs are everywhere (Sayings for Kids)

I'm not bossy

Willingness is a choice quote poster

Quote about Dumb People Lora's Law #17

Lora's Law #16 Get back on the horse quote

Words you choose quote

Skits and Plays for Classroom or Sunday School

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Short Skits for Scouts


The Dream Keepers (MLK Day Classroom Skit)


Hide and Seek Hearts (Valentine's Day Play)
Hide and Seek Hearts Printable Adjective Cards
Black History Skits for Children: Brown vs. Board


Rainbow Stew (St. Patrick Day Play for Kids)
Little Red Hen Chicken Play from the Wise Owl Factory


Easter Plays for Preschool and Elementary 
Christian Easter Skit for Kids


Racecar Skit (Christian Based)


Father's Day Skit for Kids


Fourth of July Independence Day Skits


Back to School Skits


Harvest Classroom Plays




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