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We've got games for kids of all ages. Many of our games are great for summer camp or after school programs. Here is a list of our favorite children tested games perfect for play-based learning. Search for more ideas in the "Browse Us" search in the sidebar. Enjoy!

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Kids are full of irony, among other things, and they always seem to have something important to say.  This series is based on the crazy things my kids say and Jake's favorite JOKES for KIDS.

Jakes Jokes for Kids Funny sayings April Fool's Ideas
Jake's jokes for kids.
Jake going on forty. He's bookish, gamish, and socially amiss.  Jake views the world through a refracted lens. He's always ready to explain why your wrong and he's usually right.  Even so, he says the darndest things.  Look for "Jake's Jokes", they'll have you laughing out loud.
Amanda, Oh my. My Arch Nemesis and a big personality. She's spunky, independent, and obstinate.  She tells it like she sees it. Be careful, Amanda's advice is not for anyone with fragile psyche. Got a question?  "Ask Amanda".

Ask Amanda funny kids quotes 
Ask Amanda things kids say

Samantha,  a teenager, dubbed "The Queen of Duh".  A title happily handed down by me.  She's sometimes witty, more often socially inept, and always judgmental   "I'd never do that!" She wouldn't, but she's done worse.  Check out some things"Samantha Says"  and gain valuable insight into the teen mind.

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