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Welcome to Kids Creative Chaos: Media Kit

Hello from me, Lora Langston, and our Mommy Bloggers. Get Media Package Information, Advertising Rates for Reviews, and How to Submit Blog Posts to Kids Creative Chaos.

Lora Langston: Kids Creative Chaos: The Play Connection, Inc.

Welcome to Kids Creative Chaos, your resource for Homeschool Projects, Teens and Tweens activities, Preschool Activities, Printables, Fun Edible Art Ideas, Easy Weeknight Dinners, and Family Vacation Travel Tips!

We post crafts, activities, recipes, and musings on life. If our kids are into it, we share free printables, game tips, and cool ideas! 

We post the mishaps, the fails, and the messes. No Fancy Nancy here- No professionally made or photo-shopped projects. 

Think of us as your Test Kitchen for Kiddie Crafts, Home Chefs, Teen Activities, Parenting Tips, and Mommy Chaos. 

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If you are an aspiring writer or a novelist, chat with us here or on Facebook, or join our group Historical Fiction Books to interact with fellow writers.

Our team is made of a group of local stay-at-home-moms who write posts for KCC and act as Social Media Managers for The Play Connection, Inc. 

Need blog posts, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or G+ management? We can do that, and more!


About Founder Lora Langston

Welcome to Kids Creative Chaos! Learn about Lora Langston and our Mommy Bloggers, Get our Media Package Information and Advertising Rates for Reviews, and Learn How to Submit Guest Post Submissions
Lora Langston started blogging in the Fall of 2006 hoping no one would ever see her posts. Stuck in the era of homepages, she used the blog as a baby book of sorts. Lora practiced crafts with her kids to use in her local messy play venture for preschoolers, “The Play Connection, Inc.,” which opened in March of 2009. Later, TPC, became a full-fledged Summer Camp program. 

A true entrepreneur, Lora is always working on new streams of income. In 2013, The Play Connection, Inc. morphed into a Social Media Marketing and Special Events company with special focus on Pinterest Management. In 2016, we became skilled at Instagram Management and Marketing. As of 2017, she is sharing her YA Fiction Novel online.

*    *    *

Back in the fall of 2009, more and more people found Kids Creative Chaos's holiday posts on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Lora found this exciting and unsettling at the same time. Yikes! People were window peeping into her personal life! The horror...

One day, Google, decided Kids Creative Chaos was a “Christmas tree” blog, and now, every December, the blog does cartwheels! 

We share our experiences and help others learn from those experiences. Lora has embraced the window peeping and shares many stories about her chaotic life.

Pinterest and Instagram have opened many doors for KCC! The future looks as bright as a silver star atop a holiday tree! 

See our “baby book” at

                                                           *    *    *

About The Play Connection, Inc. Team

Lora is Marketing Director at The Play Connection, Inc. and Owner of Kids Creative Chaos Contact info: 
Find her on Instagram @kidscreativechaos (Klout Score - 69)

Rachael is a Forensic Scientist, a true life CSI, and occasionally writes informative articles or fashion related posts. 
Find her on Instagram: @loopyscorpio and on her blog, My Fashion Fingerprint.

Roberta is an amazing baker, and mother of three boys. She rounds up fun kids activities for the blog, does daily social media management, and shares her yummy recipes.

Alaina is a homeschooling, adoptive mother of four! She has her own cooking blog, The Cooks Next Door. She shares parenting tips and homeschool lesson ideas.

Karen is a homeschooling mother of three. They keep busy in sports and organizing homeschool get-togethers. 

Angie was with us in the beginning. A very active mom of two athletic kids, she is busy these days, but you will find many of her healthy recipes and yummy desserts here, as well as, some extra-curricular activities with her kids.

Michelle is the mother of a teenager! They are very active in community service. Look for her posts on ways to get involved and fun activities teens will love. Michelle blogs at Life is my Lemonade.

Tracey is the mother of many. She has a blended family from two to teen! She keeps busy with Santa's Elves of Indy, but if you spend some time here, you will find her tips for parenting a crowd on a budget.

Lisa is a homeschooling mom and a chemical engineer, who creates awesome recipes for Kids Creative Chaos.

Misti is a mom of millennials. She helps out with digital marketing, especially Instagram.

Merica helps manage the social media and digital marketing for The Play Connection, Inc. She also shares posts on her local family adventures and travels abroad.


Want a review or to place an ad? We'd love to write a review or create a story for your ad. Send a note to Check out our Media Kit below.  Need Social Media Management Assistance? Visit, The Play Connection, for more information.

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We also write sponsored posts. Depending on the content and requirements, posts range from $150 to $2500. There are absolutley NO REFUNDS. We will work with you to insure that the post meets your expectations.

We can do unique advertising on Pinterest with over 180,000 followers. Depending on the board pinned to, pins range from $25 to $250, next day repins are FREE. 

Want an Instagram shout out or a collaboration? Send an email, we'll discuss rates.


  • We set up or revamp your Pinterest profile to give it a kick in the pants. 
  • $75 for a revamp, $200 for a set up includes 10 boards plus group board invites.

Contact: for more information.  

Please put "MEDIA" in the subject line, so we don't miss your message.



We are a leader in the Kid Blogger Community. We pool resources to give your product the best possible exposure. Our internet presence is growing steadily with a core group of loyal followers made up of many teachers. Moms, Caregivers, and Teachers look to us for new ideas. Alexa US 41k, Global 277k, Klout 69.

We've work with teens, homeschoolers, children with autism and adhd, and early childhood kids teaching fun, engaging, sensory play classes and used acting/creative play as a way to open the channels of communication. 

Mainstream children have also attended our summer programs in the Indianapolis area.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Welcome to Kids Creative Chaos! Learn about Lora Langston and our Mommy Bloggers, Get our Media Package Information and Advertising Rates for Reviews, and Learn How to Submit Guest Post Submissions.

Media Kit


Teens, Women: 25-34, 35-45 yrs., 35-75 K,  Children, Some College/College Education, SAHMS/WAHMS, Married/Domestic Partnership


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Twitter Tweets are $15.00 each or FREE with a Pinterest pin. (5.3k)

Instagram Posts are $50-250 depending on content requirements. (15.3k)
Facebook Posts are shared through Instagram for better reach. (10.2k)

Want to submit a guest post or write for us?

Guest Post Submissions/Product Reviews

Calling Teachers, Mommies, and Bloggers: We'd love to feature your ideas. No need to have your own blog. We're looking for great ideas for children of all ages, including those with Autism. Your idea can be for one child, a classroom, or an entire camp. We love circle and group activities, messy activities, homeschool project ideas, and edible crafts.

Send your ideas and instructions with photo attachment to Photos of children should not be labeled with names. Any photos of children must have parent's permission to publish. Please write 2-3 paragraphs or 250 - 500 words. KCC reserves the right to edit your material before publication. The first post is considered a featured blogger guest post. If we like your writing style, we'll offer you a paid post for $25. If you are a blogger please send html. 

We don't publish spammy, link building posts!! If you get paid to get a link in a website, forget about it. We won't post it.

No pre-published posts please. Please allow two weeks before publishing on your own blog, but feel free to write up a post with link to our page to celebrate your publication.

Keep those ideas coming! All posts get posted to our Kids Creative Chaos Board and The Kid Blogger Network on Pinterest where they will gain exposure to thousands of like-minded pinners.

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