Turkey Marshmallows? Don't try this one at home: Messy Edible Thanksgiving Craft super fun for kids

Marshmallow Turkey Place Setting fun Favor for Kids to Make

I thought about not posting our failed attempt at Turkey Marshmallows, but it was so much fun for kids; I kept trying hoping for a perfect one. Then, I thought about the difficulty we had and decided more than likely it will happen to you too. We all struggle with perfection. If you want to have some fun with your kids, try this! If you want to make a beautiful, impressive, Thanksgiving table setting... Don't!

Messy Marshmallow Turkey Craft.
Messy Marshmallow Turkey Craft.

Marshmallow Turkey: Edible Craft for Thanksgiving.
Marshmallow Turkey: Edible Craft for Thanksgiving.

I tried with fresh marshmallows. Then with frozen marshmallows to buy some more time.  The kids loved it!   They loved getting messy, they loved eating the mistakes - but it never seemed to work.  I know, I said it's all good and it was good... just somewhat disappointing. You've seen those cute snowman marshmallow party favors or table decorations?

I thought , that looks simple so why not try it with a turkey theme.

Well, here's why not:

First, we stuck toothpicks through the marshmallows for added stability - maybe not the best idea for little ones who like to grab the marshmallows and eat them.

So, then we tried to "glue' them together with chocolate icing.
    Marshmallow and Toothpick Turkey.
    Marshmallow and Toothpick Turkey.

    They looked cute for about two second but the weight of the DOT candies we used for "turkey feathers" caused our turkeys to topple! Every time we tried something new, the marshmallows got gooey and goo-ier.
This part attracted my 4 year old, son who previously had no interest in the project, "Hey, I want to make one! Can I eat your broken one?" "Sure, why not?" Well, his actually stayed standing a little longer...

Thanksgiving Turkey Marshmallow activity  for your holiday place setting: Jake's (4 yrs.)
Thanksgiving Turkey Marshmallow activity 
for your holiday place setting: Jake's (4 yrs.)

I think it's because he has a shorter attention span and wasn't into decorating like the girls were, so the marshmallows didn't melt as quickly. Also, he used plain toothpicks for tail-feathers. 

What you will need to make the attempt:
  • Marshmallows - they make chocolate ones that are conceptually great for a Turkey - but stickier than the good, old white variety.
  • Icing white or chocolate for "Glue".
  • Toothpicks.
  • Candies for the tail-feathers - we tried "Dots" and "Milk Duds" but something lighter would work better. Any ideas? I am thinking chocolate chips or mini marshmallows.
  • "M and M's", "Red Hots", Chocolate Chips, or Necklace candy for facial features.
  • Plastic knife or spoon to spread icing.
  • Lots of baby wipes to clean sticky hands.

Good idea, messy results.
Turkey Trouble*

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  1. Cute idea - my kids love anything in the kitchen arena. :) How about using the mini colored marshmallows?

  2. Yes and pretzel sticks are edible a much better choice to stick the turkeys together.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I am sure the kids loved them :-).

  4. I wonder if you could stick the top and bottom marshmallows together just with a toothpick--stick a marshmallow on top of the toothpick and one on the bottom. I'm trying to think of something light enough for the toothpick feathers--maybe popcorn? Whoppers are pretty light but they don't look like feathers. Or pretzel sticks would make a good tail. Fun idea!

  5. I think pretzels make a better "stick" but they were hard to stick into the MM. Whoppers are a good idea. There has to be a candy out there... maybe fruit roll-ups.

    Thx for the ideas!


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