Turkey Footprint Art for Thanksgiving

Paper Footprint Art Turkey Thanksgiving: Easy, Cute Craft for Preschool

This turkey Footprint paper craft for Preschoolers is easy and fun for kids to make at home. Little ones will get a kick out of tracing their feet. Make it a sensory activity by tracing their feet for them- it tickles! Gobble Gobble. Enjoy!

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Paper Footprint Art Turkey Thanksgiving
Paper Footprint Art Turkey Thanksgiving.

For the turkey above, use four feathers (footprints). The fourth
footprint becomes the turkey's body. Just attach feathers on the toes.

Easy, cute trace your footprint on paper to make Thanksgiving turkeys!
Paper footprint turkeys with handprint neck.

Paper Thanksgiving Turkey Footprint Craft.

You can also use four or more feet for feathers, and cut a body from brown paper. Don't forget to give your turkey feet.

Make a Footprint Turkey for Thanksgiving
Make a Footprint Turkey for Thanksgiving.

How to Make Footprint Turkey

Stand on construction paper and trace your feet. Bigger feet need two sheets, little feet only require one. Jake thought this was fun. He loved the idea of taking his shoes and socks off to do a craft project.

How to Make Footprint Turkey
How to Make Footprint Turkey.

Make a fist and have someone trace it for you.

Trace your feet.

Trace your fist to make the turkey body and head.

Make Paper Footprint Craft Art
 Cut the fist and the feet out.

Paper footprint craft.
Paper footprint craft.

Baby Feet.
Baby Feet.

Glue the feet together in a fan shape. The more feet you trace, the fuller your turkey feathers will turn out. Then, glue the fist cut-out into the middle of the feet-feathers.

The fist is the turkey's head and neck. Add feet, eyes, beak, and a gobbler. We added a body, because we thought he looked off balance. Additional feathers solve that problem.

When it's all done, cut up an old fridge magnet, and glue it to the back of the turkey with tacky glue. Pictured below is the head from Amanda's Turkey Snack Cup.

Magnet Turkey Craft.


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