My 100 Word Sentence - No Holds Barred

'A Writer's Morning' my attempt at a Hundred Word Sentence.

A sample 100 word sentence.
Author/Editor with little grammar skills!

I sit here in my broken, leather recliner lost in a cruel head fog, with blood-shot eyes burning from the bright-white glare of a laptop screen while the sullied, cold snow leisurely melts outside my picture window, and the pounding rain pelts down as the warmer air uproots the icy mess uplifting it into a nasty, foggy muddle that fills the wintry air with a slow suspended dread leaving my fragile emotion to fend for itself without the happy respite of a friendly morning sun before it all fades away into the awaiting clouds preparing to start another dismal day.
Lora Langston
Lora Langston

Lora is a homeschooling mom, writer, creator of Kids Creative Chaos, and Director of the Play Connection.


  1. 100 words is a lot for one sentence! Good job!

  2. I came and saw. Thanks for entering!

  3. Excellent sentence!

    It flows well, and doesn't feel like two sentences unnaturally married! Good job!



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