My Musings a Weighty Update and Food Review

My Musings on Weight Loss and Food Allergies.

My Musings on Weight Loss and Food Allergies.
My Musings on Weight Loss and Food Allergies.

So,  I've been losing and gaining weight for the past... OMG- nearly twenty years.
I've lost and gained 50 lbs. at least three times.

I don't have a food problem.  As many of you already know, I have a drinking problem.

For some reason Mt. Dew curbs my appetite. :-)

So, this time last year I weighed 20 lbs. less than I do today.

I haven't kicked the habit.  I know I can live without it, I can switch to diet or drink something else, but there are times when I really feel a Dew is necessary.

However, my body is fighting back.  The aches and pains of aging have caught up to me.

This year, I've introduced FOOD and vitamin supplements into my diet.  Not just any food, but healthy, good- for-you, food.  I try to make sure that every calorie packs a healthy punch.  The weight isn't coming off yet but I feel so much better.  I see a brighter tomorrow.

Years ago, my family doctor made many of the suggestions that are just taking hold.  Eat wheat germ, sprinkle it on everything.  Try B vitamin supplements, glucosamine, peppers...  yada, yada, yada.  I tried everything he asked me to for about a minute.

A month ago, I started taking vitamin B-12 everyday.  It has completely replaced the need for Mt. Dew, seriously.  Dew gave me a little mood kick when I was feeling down and fatigued.   B-12 does that and lasts all day.  I've been happier about getting up earlier, which gives me more time to get things done and less time to sulk about not enough hours in the day.

My mind says, "Hey, go rest for a minute."  I say, "Okay", and I rest for a minute, not an hour!

So, yesterday I bought glucosamine.  At the ripe old age of eleven, my little cock-a-poo could barely walk or jump.  Glucosamine changed his life and he lived to be almost twenty years old!  20 x 7 = 140.  I'll take that!

I've gone from one meal a day and maybe piece of toast, to eating 4-6 times day.  You've heard it.  Do it.

Stress has been crazy the last few years and more so the last few months; my Dew intake has been at an all time high of 48 oz. per day plus sweet tea, milk, cranberry juice, blueberry juice - whatever I could find.

Wednesday I had 24 oz.   Yesterday 20 oz.  Today 0 oz. 

I'm drinking de-caffinated, black tea with splenda and an occasional cranberry pomegranate juice, and... water.

I am exercising sporadically but wearing those silly walking shoes daily.

My weight is the same but my booty looks great in jeans! 

My knees crack when I go up and down the stairs.  We'll see what the glucosamine does (assuming the allergens in it don't kill me first, be careful- read the label).

My face!  This is where I've seen the biggest change.  My skin looks healthy and I have a glow again.

Yesterday, I decided to try those steel cut oats everyone seems to recommend.

Not thrilling, but not unedible either.   I added one tablespoon of a chunky, cherry applesauce.
1/2 cup = 100 calories. The oats are 150 calories per 1/4 cup.  Not bad people, not bad. 

I got Vitamin C and Iron from the applesauce and Fiber, Iron, and Protein from the oats.

I can't wait for the snow to go away.  Those shoes were made for walking.  I think I finally had that epiphany they talk about on the Biggest Loser, "It's a life change."  Something had to change, I'm not getting any younger.

These items both came from Aldi and were on special.  Oats = $1.89, Applesauce = $1.69.  I wouldn't have bought them otherwise.  I think we have to listen carefully to our surroundings.  A helping hand is guiding, if we just pay attention. 

Blogosphere, the next time you see me, I'll be a perfect size 10 - or at least have the ability to walk without snap, crackle, and pop.  I'll post a photo around April 1. 

Did you know Black Tea actually has healthy properties?

Lora is a homeschooling mom, writer, creator of Kids Creative Chaos, and Director of the Play Connection.