Painting with Gourds and Mini-Pumpkins Craft = Happy Accident

Paint with pumpkins and gourds: A fun, Fall Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

This is a happy accident! We used our pumpkins and gourds as stampers and rollers. We painted them in different colors and then pressed and rolled them onto paper. The kid's had a blast! When we were ready to clean up, I noticed the paint had dried onto the squash. It was so beautiful that I tossed them in a basket and called them a Thanksgiving Centerpiece! You might also like this Acorn Squash Recipe.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece with painted gourds and pumpkins
Painted Mini-pumpkins and Gourds centerpiece for Thanksgiving.

Look at these lovely squash.

The kids painted with pumpkins and gourds resulting in a beautiful bi-product.

Paint with pumpkins and gourds: A fun, Fall Thanksgiving Craft for Kids
Rolling Pumpkin Art with edible paint.

Grab some paint or make your own with cornstarch, food coloring, and water.

Roll or press the squash in the paint.
Roll it across the paper or use it like a rubber stamp.


Beautiful works of contemporary art, frame worthy.

Make your own beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece basket.

Happy accident?  A  lovely centerpiece basket full of colorful fall vegetables.

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