Peanut Snowman Fridge Magnets or Holiday Pins

How to make a Snowman from a Peanut

These little snowman peanuts are buttons for your shirt. Think- lapel pin. This is an easy craft for preschoolers and teens love it too. You can make it edible with icing in place of paint, but don't eat the shell either way. If you paint the peanut black, you can make a penguin pin. Enjoy!

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Peanut Snowman Craft

Peanut Snowman Fridge Magnets or Holiday Pins

Paint your unsalted peanut with white paint.  
Use the tip of a brush or toothpick to dot on eyes, nose, and buttons.

Wrap or braid yarn together and tie on as scarf.

Cut a circle and rectangle from black paper.
Glue together on head for top hat.

Glue an old, cut-up, fridge magnet or a safety pin (Michael's has pin backs) to the back.

Make it a penguin by adding black paint. 


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