Frozen Eggs? Have you ever tried to freeze eggs? The Chicken Variety and Free Chicken clipart

Free Chicken Clipart, do you freeze eggs? 

The significant other always buys tons of milk... right after I go to the grocery. He does the same with eggs... Well, he did and then I went and bought an egg factory: six chicken hens and two duck hens = over 60 eggs per week. Help!

freeze eggs printable chicken free clipart coloring sheet page
Cartoon Chicken Printable Coloring Page
To Learn how to draw visit the source of this cutie

Recently, I discovered milk can be frozen - just be sure to pour about a cup out to allow for expansion.
My eggs always freeze in the fridge. Except the annoyance of getting the shells off they work just fine. So, I wondered; can you freeze eggs?  We freeze people eggs, why not poultry eggs?

Turns out, it's a yes. Read the Frozen Eggs link below for how to.

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