Jake's Jokes: 11 Silly Kid's Jokes in time for April Fools Day

Jake's Jokes for kids are the perfect thing for celebrating April Fool's Day

Wondering when is April Fool's Day? In the United States, we celebrate each year on April 1. Want to play a fun April Fool's joke on your children? Here is the perfect APRIL FOOL'S JOKE idea. Enjoy!

Jake's Jokes for Kids April Fool's Jokes
Eleven, Silly Jokes for Kids. Play an April Fool's Joke on a friend.

  • Jake says:  "I just swallowed a bone."
  • Friend says: "Are you choking?"
  • Jake:  "No, I'm serious."

  • Jake says: "Is this the other side of the street?"
  • Amanda says:  "No, it is over there."
  • Jake says: "That's funny, that kid over there said it was over here!"

  • Jake says: "Teacher, would you punish me for something I didn't do?"
  • Teacher says: "No, of course not, Jake."
  • Jake says:  "Good because I didn't do my homework!"

  • Jake says: "Waiter, what is this bug in my soup?"
  • Waiter says: "How should I know? I don't know one bug from another. I am a waiter, not an entomologist!"

  • Jake says:  "Hey, Amanda, what are you doing in that tree?"
  • Amanda says:  "Can't you read that sign?  It says, 'Keep of the grass'!"

  • Jake says:  "Knock, knock."
  • Friend says:  "Who's there?"
  • Jake says:  "Me!  I'm too short to reach the door bell!"

  • Jake says:  "Why did the rooster cross the street?"
  • Dad says:  "I don't know, why?"
  • Jake says:  "To get the newspaper; do you get it?"
  • Dad says:  "Nope."
  • Jake says:  "Me neither, I get my news from the internet and t.v.!

  • Jake says:  "Why did the turkey cross the street?"
  • Dad says:  "I have no idea."
  • Jake says:  "To prove he wasn't chicken!"

  • Jake says:  "I bet I can jump across the street, do you dare me?"
  • Friend says:  "Okay."
  • Jake walks across the street and jumps while standing on the opposite sidewalk.

  • Jake says:  "I bet I can make you say black."
  • Friend says:  "I bet you can't!"
  • Jake says:  "What are the colors in the American Flag?"
  • Friend says: "Red, white, and blue."
  • Jake says:  "I told you I could make you say black."
  • Friends says:  "I didn't say black!"
  • Jake says:  "You just did!  I win!"

  • Jake says:  "Did you ever hear the memory joke?
  • Friend says:  "Nope."
  • Jake says:  "Sorry, I forgot it."


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