A Day In Kokomo at the Glass Factory

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Glass Factory

Kokomo Opalescent Glass Main Offfice

Beehive where they melt the glass
Table where they roll glass to make panes

Area where they roll and blow glass
Sample of their panes of glass

Over spring break, I decided to take the kids to Kokomo, Indiana for the day. My family is from Kokomo, so I knew there was going to be plenty to do.

We toured the glass factory. The kids saw it featured on a local news channel over Christmas break and really wanted to go. We all learned many things and were surprised to find out where the glass has been placed. One place is the Cinderella Castle at Disney. Apparently, the Kokomo factory produced all the glass in the castle

They have a beautiful shop where you can purchase items. Visit KOG.COM to see the shop (they ship) and if you live in the Indiana area visit and do the tour. Currently it runs Tues-Fri at 10am and lasts about an hour. They even offer a class to make glass beads and accents. They also sell glass panes of different sizes and thicknesses.

This is truly a hidden jewel.  I never knew about this place until this past winter and when I mentioned it, my dad said, "Oh yeah, we went there as kids".  

My kids loved this tour (which surprised me) and apparently it was one of the highlights of everything I had planned over break. 

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