Girl Scout's Powder Puff Pinewood Derby: Girls get to Make a Car and Race too!

Why Can't Girl Scouts Enter a Pinewood Derby? 

Our local scouts learned a lesson in sharing when the Boy Scouts loaned our troop their Pinewood Derby Track. This got us thinking, why can't the girls and boy enter the same Pinewood Derby? Oh well, at least we have the Powder Puff Derby. Enjoy!

Girl Scout's Pinewood Derby: Powder Puff Derby.
Girl Scout's Pinewood Derby: Powder Puff Derby.
Ally got to participate in her First Pinewood Derby with the local area chapter of Girl Scouts. A local Boy Scout Troop let the organizers borrow their track so this could take place. Yes, Girl Scouts now do this event too!

Not sure if it was just this chapter or for all Girl Scouts, but it was the Second Annual event. It was a wonderful chance for daughter and dad to do something together, and I am not sure who had more fun. Although she didn't win, she did get a few Seconds and other places (each girl got to race eight times).  

Powder Puff Pinewood Derby Race track for Girls: Girl Scouts
Lining up her car for the Powder Puff Pinewood Derby.

                  Talking strategy with Dad.



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