Summer Fun In The Creek

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The kiddo's have officially been on summer break for a week.  On this particular day, we met some friend's of ours at the local park, Arbuckle Park so the kid's could all play in the creek.  On this trip the girls were highly out numbered but my daughter, Chick a Bitty, showed them a girl could catch crawfish or crawdad's (depending on what you called them as you grew up, as I was corrected more than once they weren't "crawdad's" but crawfish.) just as well as a boy, if not better ~ she managed to catch the biggest one of the day! :) 

The bucket of crawfish that all kid's caught

The crawfish or "lobster" as I called it that  Chick a Bitty caught


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  1. Sounds like a GREAT outdoor adventure!!! Thanks for stopping by to check out our butterflies- I'm a new follower from KBN :).


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