Kitchen Kids: Rainbow Graham Cracker Sandwich Recipe

Fun Recipe for a Messy Preschool Class or After-school Snack

Rainbow Graham Cracker Sandwich Recipe and Clipart
Enjoy a rainbow :-)

How to Make Rainbow Graham Cracker Sandwiches 

You need:

1 Box of Graham Crackers or make your own

2 Cups of Milk
Packages of Pudding Flavors in Red, Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, and Yellow.  (Or add food coloring to Vanilla Pudding)
Whipped Cream and Mini M and M's ~ Optional

To make:

Beat pudding mix and milk together until smooth.

Divide and add food coloring, mix together in individual bowls.
Spread one color onto 1/2 Graham Square
Add Graham Square for top cover, spread next color.
Repeat until you've used all colors.
Spread layer of whipped cream on sandwich and sprinkle with mini M and M's.

This is great for a Companion Color Theory Lesson Snack.

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