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Fun Seasonal Games and Edible Holiday Craft Activities 

Our new kid's cookbook, "Kids Creative Chaos Cooks ~ Holiday Treats" offers holiday recipes and edible crafts for kids to make and mix. The easy instructions allow kids to surprise Mom and Dad with special treats from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day. Celebrate family get-togethers with cute group games that get everyone moving. 

COOKBOOK for KIDS ~ Kitchen Kids ~ RECIPES
Holiday Treats is a collection of easy mixing and making recipes made up of simple ingredients. Kids of all ages can follow the directions and make tasty holiday treats. In this issue enjoy Mini Snowball Treats, Peanut Butter Turkey Treats, Christmas Cranberry Muffins, indoor holiday games to get your family moving, and more.

Cookbook for Kids Edible Crafts for Kids to Make: Kids Creative Chaos
Edible Crafts for kids to make.

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