Looking for Low Carb Bread Items for the Diabetic in your Family?

Where can you buy bread for diabetics?

We struggle to find low carb bread items for those cravings. My Diabetic won't eat "dirty bread", and it is a good thing. Those wheat breads they sell in the grocery store have 70 calories and 15 grams of carbs per slice vs. the classic white version with 70 calories and  13 grams of carbs.  2 grams difference? At least my kids buy it when I tell them it tastes the same, but it has more sodium! I'm not sure what the point is besides just another way to confuse consumers. I do like those nutty, grain wheat breads, but I can't sell it to anyone else in the family!

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I just stumbled upon a Low Carb Grocery store based in Canada. (They have good shipping rates to the U.S.) They have tons of items and list the nutritional information on the site. There are several varieties of whole wheat Pita breads and I came across a low carb pita bread I think will pass the test.

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I've been replacing sandwich bread with pitas. I just load everything in, wrap it up and for added yum value toast it in a skillet for about 45 seconds on each side. After 9 years, I have finally convinced my diabetic that sandwich bread is the issue. We've been tracking his sugar level and while it still isn't in range it has dropped hundreds of points (yes, I mean hundreds). Bread is our biggest battle. What are your hurdles?

I found flavorings and syrups on the site too, I'm going to give those a go. Maybe, by this time next year he'll be in the 70-120 range. Last year, his normal levels were over 500 with medication. This year, he is staying around 200-500 with insulin. Here is an article regarding healthy levels. Good luck with your battles. We still have a lot of work to do.

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