Baby Carrying Babywearing Mama? What style Sling are you?

What Style Baby Carrier Sling is Best for You?

Those cumbersome Baby Slings got little love when I was a babywearing mama. Apparently, I'm too uncoordinated to pull it off. I could never pull off carrying the baby in back. So, what style baby carrying device is best for you? A Sling? A Pouch? Read on and then tell us your favorite. Will your baby be a fashion statement or are you more practical? Enjoy!

forward baby carrier reversible strap easy
Wear this baby carrier forward or Reverse.

So, my babies faced forward- eyes to the world, and not to their babywearing mama. What a lucky baby who gets to snuggle tightly next to his mama and star in her wardrobe as a fashion statement. 

Cool Fashionable Baby Sling Carrier
Purple Boa Baby Wrap Sling Carrier

As a new Aunt again- and a soon to be (ahem) step grandma, I decided to see what kind of baby carrying new moms are wearing these days. I can't believe all the fashionable baby sling options.

Grandaughter with her Uncle.
I was always afraid my baby would suffocate, but these fabrics are breathable. The water carriers are mesh. Sure wish I'd had one of those when we went to the beach!

Maya Baby Wrap Carrier for Babywearing carrying

I love the MAYA WRAP Baby Carrier it is totally me, but the hip carrier seems more sturdy for baby security. Either way, baby is cuddled and snuggled to his Mama or Papa! So, what style baby sling best fits your personality and fashion style?


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