Donate your car for Kids? Teach Philanthropy and Giving

Did you know you can donate your car for kids? 

Begin to teach your children about philanthropy at an early age to build a lifetime of giving. Donate your car for kids. Enjoy!

We give tons of things to Goodwill every year. You probably already know you can donate your vehicle to Goodwill and get a tax credit (write-off), but I bet you didn't know lots of other organizations are hungry for that old car too. It doesn't have to run. They can sell it for scrap where it will get recycled. Scrap Metal is a hot commodity so the charity can get a significant financial donation from your old car- probably more than most of us could give otherwise.

Donate your car for Kids to Charity Teach Philanthrophy
Gotta an old, race car? Maybe a crashed up derby car?
Yeah, they'll take it off your hands at no cost to you. 

Here are the 3 reputable charities where you can DONATE YOUR CAR FOR KIDS (to Charity):

Unicef - Donate your car for kids
Your car donation makes a personal difference from birthing kits 

to help women have safe deliveries, to delivering vaccines to 

children worldwide, to portable School-in-a-Box kits to make 

classes possible almost anywhere.

Donate your vehicle to Make-A-Wish® Wheels for Wishes

They even pick your vehicle up for you! Proceeds from the sale of your vehicle donation benefit your local Make-A-Wish® and help grant wishes of children diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition.

The Ronald McDonald House Vehicle Donations

Donate a vehicle you're not using, and the One Car One Difference® program will auction your donation vehicle for cash for Ronald McDonald House Charities. Supporting more than four million families a year, RMHC and its local Chapters ensure families have the stability and resources to keep their child healthy and happy.

There are many other organizations in your local community anxious for your donation. I help fund raise for Santa's Elves of Indy. Every Christmas we collect toys and clothing for children in need. If you are in Indiana, visit the Santa's Elves Facebook page and comment or leave a message. We'll make arrangements to pick up your old, abandoned vehicle. No need to wait, we accept donations year around.

Donating to most of these organizations is a tax deduction, but be sure to check with your tax preparer.

What are you waiting for a child somewhere needs Bessie, it's time to let her go!


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