How to make French Toast Recipe: Kids Love It!

Wondering How to make french toast kids will love? 

This Recipe for French Toast is easy and kid-tested. Cut your french toast into sticks or fun cookie cutter shapes.

Use Cookie Cutters to make cute French Toast Shapes.
Use Cookie Cutters to make cute French Toast Shapes.
scramble eggs
Stir up some eggs.
First of all, the type of bread used makes a big difference. Texas Toast works best, but any bread used should be toasted first. This helps prevent if from falling apart when dipping.

To make French Toast, Toast in toaster first.
To make French Toast, Toast in toaster first.
stack of toast bread slices picture
Prepared Toast waiting for egg bath.

How to Make French Toast Recipe

To prepare the dipping batter:

Preheat Griddle to high setting, coat with non-stick spray.

Grab a bowl and add 4-5 eggs. Stir the eggs to scramble them. Sometimes, I start with 12 eggs and then divide into two separate bowls- 1 for French Toast and 1 for scrambled eggs.

Next, I add a capful/1 tablespoon of vanilla and a splash of milk. I like to add the milk so they don't look to eggy. I even stir in a 1/ tsp. of cinnamon. Then, cut cute shapes from your toast or slice it to make FRENCH TOAST STICKS. Now, grab your tongs and get busy. You have to work fast, so the toast doesn't get too wet. Dip into batter, turn over to saturate, and remove quickly.

Add Vanilla to your eggs.
Add a splash of milk.

Fun animal shaped french toast breakfast for kids
Cut into fun shapes with cookie cutters.
The kids ate the shapes so quickly ; I had to make french toast scraps!
How to make french toast sticks from bread.
Cut for French Toast Sticks.
Dip in quickly and pull out before they get too soggy.

Flip once while cooking.
Fun French Toast Shapes Easy Recipe for Kids
French toasts strips are done when golden brown and crisp.
Cooking the scraps.

Remove when golden brown.

How to make Powdered Sugar French Toast Recipe Easy Kid-Tested
We added powdered sugar, maple syrup, and caramel sauce. 
I know you shouldn't, but it is SO good!
Must be good, sure was fun for them. 
Here they devour the french toast trimmings.
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