What are Carrots good for? Here are Simple Carrot Snack Recipes and Edible Crafts perfect for Easter

Easter: Things to do with Carrots for Snacks

Carrots. Bunnies eat them. They are rumored good for eyesight. What else are carrots good for? Here are some simple, easy, snack carrot recipes your kids will enjoy- just in time for Easter.
Simple Carrot Snack Recipes and Edible Crafts
Yummy, Easy Carrot Recipes: No Bunnies Allowed.
Carrots are good in lots of recipes, not just carrot cake. We found Carrot Pancakes from Iowa Girl Eats blog, adorable Bird's Nest Carrot Cupcakes from How Sweet Treats blog, and an Apple Carrot Smoothie from Akers of Love blog. Click the links below to visit their pages.

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