Free Facebook Header Spring Images and a Dandelion Make a Wish Poster for your Wall ~ Happy Spring!

These Facebook Header images for Spring are Inspirational and FREE

We love inspirational posters, don't you?  Remember when you were a little kid and somebody you admired taught you about Dandelion parachutes? Maybe you called them pinwheels? Either way, wasn't it the coolest thing ever? Blow the seeds while you watch them fly away, make a wish, and wait for it to come true. Here's some FREE bling for your Facebook Header and cool wall posts to boot.

Make a wish on a Dandelion Parachute Kids inspirational sayings
Dandelions - weed or a flower? It depends on  your point of view!
Be happy, be positive, and make wishes come true.

You can print these pictures or post them to your Facebook wall.  Speaking of Facebook, I made some seasonal Spring headers for your timeline wall.  These are already sized to fit, just save them to your computer and you're all set.

Make a wish on a dandelion seed poster picture photo
Make a wish...
Dandelion Header for Facebook Page Timeline Wall
Dandelion Header for Facebook Page Timeline Wall.  This works with Google+  too.

Spring Header Wildflower picture image photo for Facebook or Google+
Free Spring wildflower header Google+ or Facebook.

First signs of Spring Leaves on Trees for Facebook or Google+ header photo foto
First sign of Spring tree leaves and sky Image for header.

View of Creek in Spring for header Facebook Google+
Creek photo image picture in Spring for header sized to fit Facebook.  
Right click and save to computer.

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