How to Grow a Living Playscape: Willow Playhouse Cave for Kids

How to Grow a living playhouse for your kids from willow trees and branches: Plan it for Earth Day

Building an outdoor playscape is just one of many fun garden projects you can do with your kids this summer. Last year, we wanted to make a playhouse. 

Outdoor gardening with kids how to grow a living playhouse for kids
Gardening with kids.  Grow a living playhouse for your kids.

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 We shopped for various styles, but they were all very expensive.  After a storm, many tree branches covered the yard, so we gathered several willow branches and stuck them in the ground.  We cut a few skinny branches off the tree and wrapped them around the bigger branches forming a loose connection. 

 We added some Miracle-Gro to give our living willow playscape a boost.  LiquaFeed All Purpose Plant Food Advance Starter Kit is a great product to feed your plants. The kids generously watered the base of the branches. You don't need to have a green thumb to grow a Willow tree. Take a stem cutting or cut off a branch and stick it in soil. That's all you need to grow your own organic playhouse!

Gadening with kids organic playhouse

Our little gardeners anxiously awaited for Spring in hopes their playhouse had survived the winter.  This is an easy project that keeps on giving year after year.  Miracle-Gro has lots more fun ideas to try with your kids.  Check them out:


I love the toyarium in the The Gro Project.  It's a cute little fishbowl terrarium filled with toys and plants.  Now, I am inspired to grow something fun inside the house too.
Plant or grow a living playspace for sensory outdoor fun for Earth Day
How to make a living playhouse.

Our living willow playhouse looks more like a cave than house. The kids can crawl inside, and let their imaginations run wild.  It is incredible to watch the miracle of rebirth.  This winter it looked like a pile of sticks, now it is well on it's way to  becoming the centerpiece in our secret garden.  As the willow branches continue to grow, we'll keep you posted.  So, far the living playscape is growing in nicely.  It is the perfect place for sensory, outdoor play. Want more great ideas? Follow Miracle-Gro on Pinterest!

Outdoor play space living breathing organic play house structure garden

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