Teaching Kids to Deal with Stress can be as Easy as Coloring

Michelle from lifeismylemonade.blogspot.com is guest posting again today. The stress of school and work is getting to me! This is only our second year of homeschooling a gifted fourth grader and a dyslexic, hyper, frustrated second grader. (I resemble all of those remarks) I just started a new online venture. So, it makes me laugh when Michelle asks, 

Are you overworked and stressed out? 

De-stress with a little coloring session with the kids.

That's a big fat Y-E-S! Thankfully she has some reminders for me about how truly simple it can be to chill out. Unless you are like Jake... 

Since school has started, all we seem to do now is run, but it only takes a few minutes to treat yourself to a stress break. When my daughter needs a stress reliever, I often suggest drawing as a way for her to relieve her tension. How simple is that? The eco-friendly, Green Rainbow Revolution has several great products to help you along the path of de-stressing. Surf through the eco-friendly items and treat yourself to a much deserved break. My favorite-hmm that’s hard to decide between the colored pencils and the pastels.

What is your favorite medium?

destress your day with coloring
This is one of the happier chores we have to squeeze into our busy schedule
My daughter and her friends choose colored pencils as their medium of choice. It’s a great way for them to relax from the drama of school and be creative. If you sit down to color with your younger kids they are more likely to share things about their day. Ask them to draw a picture of their favorite and least favorite parts of the day. When you join in the fun with them it is a great way to open the lines of communication and bond over a good creative session.  

Let your inner child loose. There's nothing more important than play.

Colored Pencil Drawings Flamingo
How about a pink flamingo pencil drawing like this one from Lexi Murphy.

Have fun chatting with your children while you draw, color, and let the conversation flow. You never know what you might find out while creating your works of art. During one of the creativity gatherings the girls opened up, and I found out about their favorite teachers and least favorite. I also found out that they like to create characters. So, no matter what age you are, art supplies will come in handy on a stressful day.  

No kids-not a problem! Host an arty party for your friends. Even if you have a moment where the creativity is not flowing; there are fun kits to help you de-stress. You can play art class instead of painting nails or selling catalog products! Bring some whimsy back into your life and laugh, just like you did when you were a kid. Anyway, I’m off to see what doodles the girls created today. Will it be a caricature of the crush of the week doodled on their school sketchbook? Or maybe it will be their latest fashion designs done with those pastels to create the correct shading. And, who doesn't have fun getting messy while blending? Okay, well, maybe not everyone, but this girl at heart loves to get messy while doing a little pastel blending.

Happy Creating and De-stressing!
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