For Blog's Anniversary: 5 Holiday Decorating Crafts and Activities with Disney Phineas and Ferb's Perry (Agent P)

Like Agent P? So, do we! 5 Perry the Platypus Holiday Crafts

It's my blogiversary! Today, the blog is officially 5 years old per the first post, although, I am certain I deleted some less than perfect posts from those first few months. Mayhem and Jake have grown so much over these last 5 years! We wanted to share our favorite things and that includes Perry the Platypus. Enjoy!

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And, this little image, sealed the deal ;) Thanks again, friends!

When I started, I never believed I would make it this far. I never thought it would be possible to not only make a real living with my blog, but also to employ others who needed income and wanted to stay at home. 

Now, 5 years into it, blood, sweat, and tears behind me; I leap forward into a new career as an internet entrepreneur. I have never felt so empowered, and I am excited to see what gifts and lessons the future has for me. 

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We leave our failed attempts, messy chaos, and more for you to review. The future is a gift to you. The blog will share more and more ideas for homeschool projects, preschool activities, and crafts for adults and kids alike as well as my chaotic musings on life.

The post that started it all- I've come a long way baby!  Spiffy title though, "Watch me Pull a Chicken Sandwich out of a hat", a la the Amazing Mumford from Sesame Street ;)

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To celebrate, here are 5 Holiday Crafts and Printables honoring one of our blog's favorite characters to craft, Perry the Platypus!

1.  Disney Family has free printable Phineas and Ferb (and Perry) Christmas tree decorations.  

Perry the Platypus and Phineas and Ferb Printable Christmas Tree Decorations.
Perry the Platypus and Phineas and 
Ferb Printable Christmas Tree Decorations.

2.   Free Phineas and Ferb Christmas Coloring Page Printable

3.   Squidoo has a Free Printable for Perry the Platypus Day. 

5 Holiday Decorating Crafts and Activities with Disney Phineas, Ferb, and Perry
Perry the Platypus Day Clipart.

Say What?  Did you know there is a Platypus day? Apparently, it is March 2. That is very close to my birthday; Perry and I must be soul mates!

4.   Okay, so these aren't all Holiday Crafts for Perry the Platypus, unless you consider Platypus Day a holiday, but you could add a fun Santa hat to this paper bag puppet to make it so! The kids will love learning how to craft Perry into a puppet like this one from Chatting Over Chocolate.

Perry the Platypus Paperbag Puppet
Make a Perry the Platypus paper bag puppet.

5.  This Perry Merry Christmas card is also from Disney Family. What a cute card to make with preschoolers

Easy Holiday Crafts and Activities with Disney Phineas, Ferb, and Perry the Platypus: Paper Craft Christmas Card to make
Perry the Platypus Christmas Card paper craft to make.
Here is a bonus Perry the Platypus crocheted Christmas ornament decoration for you Christmas tree. You could make your own or buy it. It is the cutest thing! I found it on Etsy.

Perry the Platypus Christmas Tree Decorations to make
Perry the Platypus Christmas tree ornament decoration by kiki and jojos.


Perry the Platypus Costume Idea

Perry the Platypus Water Bottle*

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