Don't let kids play with fireworks? Here are Safety Tips for a Happy Fourth of July Celebration

Kids can Play with Sparklers if you Follow these Safety Tips for the Fourth of July.

I don't like fireworks, especially sparklers. They are marketed toward young children, but can be more dangerous than other varieties of fireworks, and they look like mini magic wands. Children should never play with ANY fireworks without adult supervision... a real adult, a sober adult, a safe adult. Hope you know someone :) If you want to be safe try these edible firework kabobsEnjoy! 

When is Independence Day in America? 

Independence Day is always celebrated on July 4th, thus the more common name, "The Fourth of July"!

Your Kids can Play with Sparklers if you Follow these Safety Tips for the Fourth of July.
Never point a sparkler at anyone, even if you think it is a dud.
Are sparklers safe fireworks for kids?
Always hold your sparkler at arm's length and off to your side.
Party poppers, Snappers, and Snakes are good fireworks for children
(if there is such a thing). Beware the Party Popper pointed at your face.
Did you know there is gunpowder in there?
Shoot your popper straight in the air high above your head.
Don't pretend a sparkler is a magic wand (get a stick for that) and never hold your sparkler over your head. Do you want flaming hair? Yeah, no way! Holding your sparkler to your side is the safest, but if you hold it straight in front of you, always extend it at arm's length.

Firework Safety Tips for Kids

People all over the world love to celebrate special occasions with fireworks. Americans have been celebrating the Fourth of July with fireworks since our country was set in motion. It is important to know and obey your city and state firework laws.
  • Always use common sense. Read the labels on the box and follow the usage directions. Make sure you know what to expect from your firework. Remember some fireworks take longer to ignite, so leave a "dud" set before running to reignite it. 
  • There are no "safe" fireworks! All fireworks should be lit by adults. If you must use fireworks that are marketed to children, such as, snakes, sparklers, and poppers, do so with close, responsible, adult supervision. Children should not handle or play with fireworks. Children should NEVER light fireworks.
  • A responsible adult is an adult not under the influence of alcoholic beverages or recreational drugs.
  • All fireworks should be lit on a flat, level, hard surface, preferably concrete. Lighting a firework in the grass can cause a the firework to tip over and shoot in an unexpected direction. It can also start a fire. If you must light fireworks in your yard, always use a flat wooden board as your launching platform.
  • Keep a good distance between you and the firework. Never use fireworks indoors (duh!). Use fireworks outdoors in an open area away from vehicles, animals, and buildings. Also, keep away from dry grass or anything that could catch fire. Children and other spectators should stay away at least 25-40' for fountains and even farther for flying, spinner-type fireworks. Remember, the wind can change the direction of the sparks and flying debris.
  • Never hold a lit firework in your hand! Never look in or stick anything inside a firework that doesn't go off. Don't stand over a firework... you know this - just use common sense. To be safe, you should light fireworks with a punk stick or a hand butane lighter stick (not a pocket lighter). NEVER try to ignite that dud! Wait several minutes and douse it in water. It is better to waste a good firework than to lose an eye!!! Keep a bucket of water nearby in case of emergencies.
  • Always handle fireworks with care. Never stick them in your pocket. Never, ever aim them at someone else (even if you think the firework is extinguished). Keep your animals safe. Remember animals may walk too near the firework, they may become frightened, and they may run away from home. It is best to keep animals inside during holiday fireworks displays.
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