Homeschool PE Egg Hunt for Elementary Students: Fun for a Family Get Together Party too!

Get Fit with this Creative Physical Education Easter Egg Hunt for Parties or PE Class

This Egg Hunt isn't just for Easter. Add physical fitness to your family get together, birthday party, gym class, or homeschool PE. Hide the eggs outdoors, and then hide physical fitness activities inside each egg. Make a game out of working out! In the video below, we improvised and had fun turning exercise into a fitness game that got the whole "family" involved. Enjoy!

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PE Games for Easter: Physical Education Activities

Outdoor PE Games for Elementary with an Easter Theme.
Running around collecting strategically hidden eggs is a workout.

Watch this video to learn HOW TO PLAY EASTER P.E. GAME.

Outdoor Easter PE Game for Elementary Homeschool

Hmm... On second thought, this game is fun for kids of all ages! A high school class will get a kick out of this game too. So, gather your supplies from the list below, and get fit!

To play the game you will need:
  • Scrap Paper
  • Sharpie
  • 20+ Plastic Easter Eggs
  • 2+ players

How to Play the Easter Egg Game

Sit down with the players and brainstorm PE activities. Choose things like: sit ups, push ups, jumping jacks, run around the egg ten times, jump over the egg 5 times, log rolls, touch your toes 3 times, arm rolls, deep knee bends, twist from side to side, leg kicks. etc.

  • Write 1 activity on a piece of paper. 
  • Place inside the egg.
  • Toss the eggs around the yard (or hide them).
  • Have the players line up at a start line.
  • "On your mark, get set, go!
  • Race to an egg, open it, read activity out loud.
  • Do the exercise.
  • Collect the paper slips to keep a tally of your accomplishments
  • Race to complete the most exercises.
  • The person who collects the most slips wins!

An Easter Egg Hunt is a fun way to sneak in physical fitness.
An Easter Egg Hunt is a fun way to sneak in physical fitness.

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