Chicken Nuggets Pasta Skeleton Recipe

Fun Things to do With Chicken Nuggets: Make a Pasta Skeleton

What fun things do you do with chicken nuggets for Halloween? The kids love pasta and chicken nuggets, so we decided to combine the two into a pasta skeleton with a chicken nugget skull. Enjoy!

We played around with food to decide what food would make the best face and still taste good with the chicken nuggets. We settled on pickle faces. Nothing goes better with nuggets than ketchup and pickles- at least that's what the kids say.

Things to do with Chicken Nuggets. Make some fun pickle faces.

    How to Make Pasta Skeletons with Chicken Nuggets

    Fun Things to do With Chicken Nuggets: Make a Pasta Skeleton
    Fun Things to do With Chicken Nuggets: Make a Pasta Skeleton.

    • Bake the nuggets in the oven according to package directions. 

    • Boil 1 C. Penne and 1/2 C. Rotini according to package directions. Add your favorite Pasta sauce. Serve with chicken nuggets with pickle smiles.

    • Create pasta skeletons or other fun creatures. Playing with food makes it more fun to eat!

    Chicken Nuggets Pasta Skeleton Recipe
    Chicken Nuggets Pasta Skeleton Recipe.

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