Make Edible Egg Coloring Dye to Use with Your Dudley Egg Spinner: Recipe

Replacement Edible Dye for Egg Coloring Kits

Make your own DIY Egg Coloring Dye with this Edible Egg Coloring Recipe. It is simple, quick, and works just as good! We have a Dudley Egg Spinner, but ran out of coloring dye. So, we made our own. Enjoy!

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Make Edible Egg Coloring Dye to Use with Your Dudley Egg Spinner: Recipe
Make Edible Egg Coloring Dye to Use with Your Dudley Egg Spinner: Recipe.

Ingredients for Edible Easter Egg Coloring Dye:

Water, Vinegar, and Food Coloring

How to Make Easter Egg Coloring Dye at Home:

Fill a small cup (1 C.) 1/2 full with warm or room temperature water. No need to use hot water.

Add 1 Tbs. Vinegar (any vinegar will do).

Add Food Coloring. We used vibrant, neon colors, so we added 10 drops of Food Coloring. If you are using regular food coloring, you may need to add up to 20 drops.

For a thicker, 3D coloring dye mix to use in Dudley Egg Spinners add cornstarch until desired texture.

To Replace your Traditional Egg Coloring Kit:
To drop an egg directly into the cup, fill the cup 3/4 full. Make several cups in desired shades to color eggs as you would with a store bought Easter Egg Coloring Kit.

Then, place an egg is each cup until they reach the color you want.

A spoon or spaghetti spoon makes a perfect way to remove the egg from the cup.

Place egg in a cardboard egg carton to dry.


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