Service Projects for Teens: TeeChip Care

Teen Service Project Idea: T-Shirts

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TeeChip Care is a Great Way for Teen's to do a Service Project.

We're always looking for a great service project for teens and families. TeeChip is a great way for anyone to raise money or earn money online. So, if you have a family vacation coming up, you need money for a school band trip, or you want to raise money for a local family in need, TeeChip is a wonderful way to raise the money you need. We like it because of the TeeChip Care program. Through TeeChip Care, excess products or products that don't live up to their high quality of standard are donated to NGO's. If you are looking for a great way to get teen's involved in community service, this makes an ideal service project for teens. Enjoy! Sign up an organization in need for TeeChip Care: Request form. If you know of an NGO that needs hoodies for the cold-weather or just a shirt to cover their backs, get in touch with TeeChip Care.

Service Projects for Teens: TeeChip Care

If your service project includes something like planning a fundraiser for a local family in need, visit the TeeChip platform and learn how to design, create, and sell high-quality, affordable, custom made products that bring your vision and goals to life. How it works. First, you'll need to to become a TeeChip seller. I like that you'll receive profit for every item you sell whether you sell 1 or 1000 items!

TeeChip offers shirts, phone cases, mugs, and posters. With locations in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and California, Inc. called TeeChip, "America's coolest college startups of 2011."

Create Custom T-shirts to Make Money Online

Next, you can earn money online to serve as a fundraiser for your favorite cause or charity. You can also earn money for your own cause- like college tuition! There are no restrictions. So, if you want to raise money for your next Disney Vacation- you can do it! No worries.

Get, set. Go! After you choose what item you want to create to sell, you'll need to design it! Choose a background or t-shirt color.

Upload your quality image or design.

Arrange your awesome design.

Set your sale price and profit goals.

TeeChip takes care of everything including printing, shipping, and fulfillment! What that means for you, is that you can sell to anyone, anywhere in the world! When it comes to organizing service projects, if you are a serial helper, TeeChip is perfect for you. Many schools require participation in a yearly service project. On the other hand, if you are a teen looking for a part-time income, TeeChip may just be what you are looking for. Make campaigns online and earn a living through custom made t-shirts. The merchandise is high-quality and priced significantly lower than the competitors.

Describe your campaign, make it compelling to help drive sells!

Start your campaign.

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