Things to do in Indiana: fuelperks Gas Station

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Market District and GetGo. All opinions are 100% mine.

We recently had the opportunity to visit Carmel's Market District GetGo®. These gas station all-in-one stores are popping up all over the greater Indianapolis area and we've been anxious to try one. With the new fuelperks + program, it seemed like a great time for a visit. When you're off looking for things to do in Indiana, you'll need gas and snack for sure- you'll want to check this out. Here's a little about the experience. Enjoy!

Things to do in Indiana: fuelperks Gas Station

First, you can save on food and fuel. Earn 10¢ off per gallon of GetGo® fuel OR 2% off groceries at Market District for every $50 you spend! It’s as easy as scanning your Advantage Card each time you make a purchase inside Market District or GetGo®, or whenever you pump fuel at GetGo®. You can sign up online or pick up a card in the store. If you pick it up in the store, you'll need to activate it online before your first purchase. Good news, they have free in-store WiFi.

There are TONS of gift cards available. The ladies in the cafeteria let us know that when you purchase gift cards in the store with your GetGo® card you save even more faster! For every $50 you spend, you'll earn 10¢ off per gallon of GetGo® fuel OR 2% off groceries at Market District. Never pay for a full price tank of gas or grocery purchase again.

Here are some awesome benefits of fuelperks +:

  • Huge selection of popular retailer gift cards. 
  • Curbside Express online grocery orders
  • Prescriptions at the Pharmacy
  • Health and Beauty items
  • Purchases at their in-store Starbucks® location
  • Purchases at their signature restaurant table by Market District
  • Purchases inside GetGo® – including their amazing made-to-order subs, burgers and beverages and at the gas pump
  • fuelperks + is the perfect program for busy families to save on purchases 
  • Never pay for a full price tank of gas or grocery purchase again.

We're already earning toward our fuel discounts. If you want to start now, you can earn 5% off a future grocery order OR 25¢ off per gallon of fuel just by watching this 4 minute video at fuelperks + video

Perks add up fast when you use gift cards like cash, shop with the online grocery ordering service, Curbside Express, and the pharmacy at Market District. 

Our favorite thing about the new stores is the ordering system. There's a kiosk with video screens where you place your order. Once you're finished, you pay the cashier. When your order is ready, the call your number and then you can eat in the store, outside, or take it with you. We chose to sit in the store and take advantage of the WiFi.

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