Easy Preschool Holiday Craft: Recycle Business Cards into Ornaments

Easy Preschool Holiday Craft: Recycle Business Cards and Popsicle Sticks into Santa and Reindeer Holiday Ornament Decorations

Think of the possibilities! These can be refrigerator magnets, tree ornaments, or bookmarks. Recycle business cards or use small squares of cardboard to make holiday decorations and ornaments for your Christmas tree.  Contact a local businesses - many companies have boxes of business cards from employees who have left or perhaps a phone number has changed. Don't let these go to waste!  Enjoy!

How to make popsicle stick ornament decorations for Christmas. Santa and Reindeer.
Reindeer and Santa popsicle stick craft.

Reindeer paper and popsicle stick craft for toddlers.
Reindeer paper and popsicle stick craft for toddlers.

Make your own playing cards

Perhaps a game of  'Hearts' or 'Old Maid'. Cut photos from magazines or draw your own. We used business cards, paint, glue, glitter, popsicle sticks, and construction paper.

Step 1
Paint your business card.
Pink for Santa's face, brown for a reindeer. 

Step 2  
Take 5 or 6 sticks of the same color. If you're using plain, recycled, popsicle sticks - don't forget to paint them.

Step 3
Place the sticks as pictured on your business card and glue them in place. Elmer's school glue worked perfectly.

Santa Popsicle Craft for Kids.
Santa Popsicle Craft for Kids.

Step 4 Cut out Santa's hat and trimmings. Draw his face.

Step 5
Add a magnet from a recycled calendar or business card logo-magnet and glue it to the back or glue a ribbon to the top back to hang on your tree. Add glue, dump on the glitter, shake it off, and when it dries you have a sparkly tree ornament! HAPPY RECYCLING!

Popsicle Stick Santa Craft.
Popsicle Stick Santa Craft.

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