Gingerbread Man Marshmallow Activity for Kids fun for Preschool

This cute gingerbread man is one of our many  marshmallow activities for kids

Marshmallows- an inexpensive, yummy way to make fun projects for kids and create eatable art. Search in the browse us bar in the sidebar for more ideas for preschool and sensory play. Enjoy!

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Edible Art Marshmallow Gingerbread Man Activity

how to make a fun for kids with marshmallows gingerbread man recipe craft
Marshmallow Gingerbread Man Edible Art Creation

We just used typical cookie decorating items:

Frosting in Chocolate and Vanilla, Cake Decorating Tubes, Candy Sprinkles, Chocolate and White Marshmallows, Assorted Colors, Mini-Marshmallows Chocolate Chip, Stick Pretzels, Paper plates and towels.

Marshmallow GINGERBREAD MAN so easy, so cute!

Get Creative and transform him into a TEDDY BEAR by adding Mini-Marshmallows for ears! This is a great Highchair craft for toddlers. Frosting is the glue. Spread it with knife and stick on his appendages. For added reinforcements you can stick a pretzel thru his head and body or body and legs. Toothpicks work better but not so preschooler friendly.  :-)

Mini-Marshmallows become snow for the snowman cupcakes. This one from the Disney website uses gumdrops for a hat and licorice for his skis. We tried to make a hat from a chocolate marshmallow. Without a brim it looks like a Russian cap.

Marshmallow Cupcake Snowman Activity for kids preschool
Marshmallow and Cupcake Snowman Snack Activity.

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