Recycle Scrabble Games for Language Arts Literacy Centers

How to Recycle Scrabble into a Literacy Center for Sight Words and Language Arts 

Scrabble. Kids love it! Don't be a stickler for the rules. Let your preschoolers play by their own rules or follow these. You'll be amazed at their ability to sound out sight words or guess what the word will be when it's finished. Scroll down to see how we recycled Scrabble games into a literacy center for sight words. Enjoy!

How to Recycle Scrabble into a Literacy Center for Sight Words and Language Arts
How to Recycle Scrabble into a Literacy Center for 
Sight Words and Language Arts.

How to Use Scrabble as a Preschool Literacy Center

Things to do with Scrabble: Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse. We placed all of the letters right side up in the Scrabble box. We built sight words like Foot and made magic by switching the two o's for two e's to get Feet. See if you can think of more words. The kids were giggling as they realized what was about to happen.

Tree. Leaf. Leap. Roof. Reef. Wreath....

Think of patterns to keep your little reader on the right track. Let them guess. Guessing helps them learn new sight words.  For example, I built coal but my son said it was cola. His mind saw all of the letters for cola. Praise them on a great guess and awesome letter recognition. Then, show them how coal can magically become cola!

Then, Jake thought this was the coolest thing he had ever seen.  Don't force it. Don't make them read it if they'd rather build nonsense words on the letter rack. Whatever they choose to do they have tangible letters and they are visualizing them. Letter play reinforces letter recognition, and if it's fun they will keep coming back for more.

Help them spell their names or yours. Let them build words and have you guess what they are- even if they aren't real words. Keep encouraging them to use letters in a fun way. My son began reading at two and half without the "Your Baby Can Read" products.  I never did flash cards or forced it. It just happened with fun ideas.  Never underestimate the power of "WORD WORLD" and "BETWEEN THE LIONS".

You will need more letters to spell "PIZZA". Make your own from cardboard or collect old games at garage sales. Scrabble Letters are great for crafts:  personalize picture frames, Greek paddles, or toy bins.  Let your imagination run wild. SCRABBLE is more than just a game.

Each time your kids do a craft project with the letter, they are learning!  Just be careful, the tiles could pose a choking hazard for little ones.

Oh and a post note:  In kindergarten, Jake read at 12th grade level! Thanks to PBS and fun. Don't expect those results, just appreciate that your child is learning and enjoying it!

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