Edible Scratch and Sniff Paint: Watercolors for Kids Kool-aid Recipe

How to make Water Color Paint Recipe

There are so many things you can do with Kool-aid. Here is a simple recipe for Edible Paint! Scratch and Sniff water colors for preschool and toddler kids.

Edible Scratch and Sniff Paint Watercolors for Kids Kool-aid Recipe
Edible Watercolor Kool-Aid Paint Recipe.

How to make edible paint 
(scratch and sniff watercolor paint): Ice Cube Tray or Styrofoam Egg Box, Several Flavors of Kool-Aid Packets, Water Dropper, Tiny Mixing Spoon, Paint Brushes, Paper, Kids.

Fill Each square 1/2 Full with Kool-Aid Powder, Add A few Drops of Water, Mix with spoon until it looks like Watercolors, Have kids paint cards, coloring book pages, etc. The Paints Should be thick- these are a little too watery. Add Salt for shine and texture!

Edible Watercolor Kool-Aid Paint Recipe

Allow to dry overnight and then... SCRATCH and SNIFF!  
Makes Great Greeting Cards. Here's another fun edible art project to do with kids: Monkey Treats


Crayola 4ct Washable Fingerpaints Primary (Bold, primary colors in red, blue, yellow, and green)*

Loew Cornell 73 25-Piece Brush Set, Stencil Pack*


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