Kids, Easy, Fun, Messy, Shaving Cream Craft Activity for Sensory Play

This shaving cream kids' sensory play activity is super easy!

Messy, sensory Shaving Cream tinted with food coloring is tons of fun for kids to play with at home or as an after-school activity. After all, what's more fun than making a royal mess? Play with your shaving cream outdoors to keep Mom's house clean!

Shave Cream Sensory Play
Shave Cream Sensory Play: Start with shaving cream,
food coloring, plates and spoons for mixing.

shaving cream beard
Be careful not to get a shaving cream beard into your eyes.

Use it like face paint to add texture, beards, moles, crazy eyebrows, or scars.  It will stiffen and dry on your face. Don't get it in your eyes please- ouch!

Mix it up to your heart's content.
Make a shaving cream cake and pretend to eat it. The cream makes nice snowmen sculptures too!

super easy shaving cream activity for sensory play with kids summer camp
Pretending shaving cream pie 
is yummy.

Use shaving cream like sidewalk paint.
Use shaving cream like sidewalk paint.

Well, no, it's not for the faint of heart. Dig in and go crazy!

The messier the more fun!

This is one crafty recreation project that kept the kids busy for an about hour. The possibilities are endless.

shaving cream play time.
Don't forget aprons and lots of paper towels
for your shaving cream play time.

shaving cream sensory play
With shaving cream sensory play, anything goes!

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