Fun Fall Leaf Wreath Tutorial with Real Leaves

How to Make a Fall Leaf Door Wreath DIY 

Learn how to make a real fall leaf wreath for your door. Get out today, and take your kids on a hike to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. It's great exercise and a wonderful opportunity to enjoy your children. Collect the brightest, healthiest leaves to make this together. Once preserved, it makes a perfect gift for Grandma or even a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. Scroll down to learn how to preserve the glorious fall-foliage, color and all.  Enjoy!

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Fun Fall Leaf Wreath Tutorial with Real Leaves. Fun Fall Leaf Wreath Tutorial with Real Leaves.

To make this leafy wreath you must hurry; the colors fade fast!

How to make a fall leaf wreath and preserve the real leaves.
How to make a fall leaf wreath with real leaves.
Fall Leaf: So easy to make. It turned out incredibly colorful and beautiful.
So easy to make.
The fall wreath craft turned out incredibly colorful and beautiful.

How to Make a Fall Wreath from Leaves

Fall Wreath SUPPLIES:

Paper Plates
Tacky Glue or Hot Glue Gun
Lots of colorful Leaves from your yard
(you can buy fabric leaves at Jo Ann's.)
Raffia Ribbon or Colorful Fabric Ribbon.
Glitter, if you want to make it sparkle.

Poke a hole in the center of a paper plate,
cut the center out, leaving only an outer ring.

Glue the leaves around the plate
in a colorful arrangement.

Voila a super easy, cute craft project.

leaf wreaths
We hung these leaf wreaths above the fireplace
but they would look great on the front door!

My kids enjoyed collecting the leaves in various shapes and sizes. We found very tiny ones and gigantic ones that made the search lots of fun. This project was so easy, with fantastic results. My 2 year old's wreath is beautiful, and she did it all by herself! I know the leaves will turn brown soon, but it was a great bonding experience. If you want to make a wreath that will last thru the season, buy a bag of fabric leaves at Jo Ann's Fabric. They work just as well and last forever! We had limited money and spent $8 at the dollar tree. We have tons of supplies left over and made 3 separate projects! The girls had a wonderful time today! Sam loved using the hot glue and Amanda loved using tacky glue while smearing it all over the plates. We spent nearly two hours working on various projects and nobody's attention wavered. This is a fun one! Unfortunately 4 hours later and Amanda's are starting to wilt and turn brown. I don't know if it was the tacky glue, the fact that she kept 'painting' them with water, or that she just liked to use the brown ones. Anyway, I will keep you posted on that - it is our side project: The science of leaf disintegration in the house. Will they turn brown more quickly or more slowly?

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