Turkey Craft for Preschool Cardboard Tubes

Recycle Cardboard Tubes into a Turkey for this Preschool Craft

This cute turkey craft is made from a cardboard tube. We used found recycled objects from a nature hike. These turkeys use Christmas bulb ornaments, cardboard toilet tubes, twigs, and fall leaves. Each one is unique, and your kids will enjoy the family time spent making them at home. Togetherness :)  Enjoy!

Preschool Turkey Craft: Amanda, age 2.
She added the feet all by herself!
 make turkey craft for preschool
Supplies needed to make turkey craft for preschool.

You will need:

Collect leaves from your yard.
Save cardboard toilet paper tubes.
Tacky Glue or Hot Glue.
Modge Podge.
Sunflower Seeds
Walnuts w/ Green Outercoating, Apples, or anything from nature that is rounded
IPO of walnuts we used plastic Christmas ornaments that I purchased at the dollar tree!
15 for $1 - the perfect fit into the cardboard tube.

How to make a 'Green' Turkey Craft:

Cover cardboard tube with glue.

Glue fall leaves on tube to cover entirely.

Turkey craft for preschool from recycled items.
Turkey craft for preschool from recycled items.

I love this leaf! Isn't it a thing of true beauty? Squeeze a line of glue inside the top of the tube, and insert the turkey's head. Glue a leaf on the back to serve as his tail-feathers.

Draw on preserved fall leaves with a Permanent Marker.

Draw on leaves with permanent marker to make a gobbler, then cut it out and glue it onto your turkey. Also, use the marker to write your name.

Recycled Turkey toilet paper roll, old ornament, and fall leaves.
Mommy's turkey place setting name card, age unknown.

Cute turkey craft from leaves and twigs.
Cute turkey craft from leaves and twigs.
These still look cute after 4 days in a heated house. You might want to coat your leaves with Modge Podge to make them last longer or click here how to preserve fall leaves.

Happy Turkey Crafts! I'll be adding a turkey-themed craft each week until Thanksgiving so check back often. Please share your favorite ideas or ways to improve mine.

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