Is there a Doctor in the House? Make a Doctor Costume for Halloween

DIY: Make a Doctor Costume for Halloween

Kids love to play dress up, here's a fun idea for a doctor Halloween costume. Or make it a nurse, a prince, a vampire, or a kitty...

Every free Friday in the summertime, you'll find me at yard sales on a quest for the perfect costumes. My mouth waters when I see outgrown, handmade Halloween costumes. I love it when I stumble upon an old football jersey or prom dress.

On the first week of November, I'm hitting clearance sales at Wal-mart and the party stores, looking for a great deal on a shiny, new costume to fill my trunk.

Kids love to dig through the trunk and try-on the clothes, transporting themselves into a fairy-tale world full of fun. I lug the trunk to drama clubs, preschool classes, and summer camps.

Anything can be a costume. A fuzzy, red towel hemmed at the end with a shiny, gold ribbon makes a robe fit for a King. An old, prom dress is the prefect princess dress.

I scour thrift stores for fun new finds. My kids love to dress like Daddy.  He wears navy pants and a periwinkle shirt as a mechanic. Occasionally he throws on a pair of overalls. Once, at a Salvation Army, I found a denim, Sean John jumpsuit. SCORE. My son was thrilled!  He tossed it over his navy dress pants and blue shirt and we headed to the shop to help Daddy at work.

Dress up is a fantastic activity to teach creativity and learn through role playing.  We've got some scrubs that make a great role-playing costume but they aren't so good for playing a doctor or surgeon in a production for the local retirement home.  It's cute watching the little one with their pants pulled up to their eyeballs and trying not to trip over the dress length shirt, but can we take him seriously as an actor?

A kid-size pair of soft, cotton scrubs makes the perfect costume for your little up and coming Oscar winner or the perfect gift for kiddos whose parents have careers in medicine.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids Doctor or Nurse: Kids Scrubs for Pretend Play and Dress Up.
Costumes: Kids Scrubs for Pretend Play and Dress Up.

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