Easy Preschool Snowman in a Jar Preschool Activity with Cotton Balls

Snowman in a Jar is the Perfect, Easy Preschool Activity for Winter 

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This easy kids snowman activity gem, an adorable snowman in a jar, was designed by my 5 yr. old. It is perfect for developing preschool fine motor skills

The little hands stuff the cotton balls or marshmallows (we used fiber fill) into the jar and then carefully add in his facial features. 

Sure, you can draw the face on the outside, but little hands will develop more skills if they work to find the perfect placement of that carrot nose. It's a great sensory play activity too. You might also DIY Sensory Snow for play-based learning.  

Preschool Winter Activity for kids how to make a Snowman in a jar

This is my all time favorite snowman preschool activity.

You Will Need:

Fiberfill, cotton balls, marshmallows, or popcorn
Candy canes and peppermints
Buttons, Pom-poms
Scrap construction paper, felt, or foam pieces

Stuff a jar full with popcorn, marshmallows, cotton balls, or fiber fill. Have kids squeeze in cut-out shapes for eyes, nose, and buttons. The kids can also do the mouth inside, but it is more fun and gives a 3D effect if you draw it on the jar with a permanent marker. Glue a pom-pom to the top or tie on a scarf.  Voila!

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easy snowman in jar preschool fine motor skills activity


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