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Easy Valentines Day Paper Craft for Kids: Love Collage

Heart Construction Paper Craft for Valentines Day

This construction paper craft for Valentine's Day is easy.  The heart collage is simple enough to do with early childhood kids and seniors with dementia, but is also fun for everyone! Adapt the steps as needed for the skill level of your crafters. 

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Heart Construction Paper Craft for Valentines Day for seniors retirement homes kids

More Valentine Crafts from Adventures of Kids Creative Chaos.


Pastel Construction Paper
Glue Sticks
Magazines (February Magazines work best.)

Easy Valentines Day Paper Craft for Kids: Love Collage
Vertical lay out, lay out images horizontally (landscape)  for Valentine's Day cards.

Love Collage Paper Craft Activity for Valentine's Day

  • Search through magazines for pictures of things you love.
  • Tear out the page.
  • Fold the page in half, centering the image in the fold.
  • Cut the image out in the shape of a heart.
  • Arrange the hearts on your paper.
  • Glue magazine heart cut outs down with a glue stick.
  • Repeat.

Tip: Pick images in the same  color family and the heart collage becomes more work of art than craft. Use it to make beautiful Valentine's Day Cards for family members.

When working with early childhood kids, draw the half heart over the folded paper and let them cut it out to work fine motor skills. When working with seniors in retirement homes, you may need to cut the images out for them, but allow them to choose, fold, and paste. While they're choosing images, reminisce about their Valentine's Day memories.


25 Valentine Activities for Kids and the Elderly too

25 Fun Activities for Valentine's Day

Whether you work with an after-school program, in a classroom, or at a retirement community for senior citizens, these 25 Valentine's Day activities are the bomb! We curated all of our heart crafts, recipes, and classroom Valentine projects in one place. Enjoy!

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25 Valentine Activities for Kids Work for the Elderly too
Valentine activities for kids that work for the elderly too.

Plan a Ladybug Picnic Party & Learn about the Ladybug Life Cycle too!

A Ladybug Picnic Party is a Fun Way to learn about the Ladybug Life Cycle

Spring and Summer are the perfect time to throw a Ladybug picnic or Ladybug theme birthday party! We love to sneak in educational elements whenever possible, so we've come up with some fun Ladybug activities and added an educational one too. Learning about the Ladybug's life cycle is fun - Scroll down to find more Ladybug learning activities from Teaching Mama. Enjoy!

Plan a Ladybug Picnic Party & Learn about Life cycle too!
Plan a Ladybug Picnic Party and Learn about the ladybug Life cycle.
Online, you will find lots of different Ladybug tic tac toe games. Some are made of construction paper, others use painted rocks, blocks of wood, or even sticks.

Ladybug and Bumblebee tic tac toe and checkers game with walnuts
Collect walnut shells and paint them like ladybugs and bumble bees
for Tic Tac Toe and Checkers games.

We enjoy taking hikes around our property. It is like our very own nature park. So, on a recent hike, we collected broken Walnut shells to paint like Ladybugs and Bumble Bees in honor of the book, Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy!

These are so cute and perfect to leave sitting out for an impromptu game of Ladybug Tic Tac Toe or Checkers. 

Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy Party
Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy Party.  Want your own? Let us know in the comments.
Just store your bugs in a woven basket, and leave them sitting on a table or bench as an invitation to play. We tossed in sidewalk chalk, so that kids can make a board anywhere they want! Sticks make a perfect natural Tic Tac Toe board.

Make and play Ladybug Tic Tac Toe and Checkers
Make and play Ladybug Tic Tac Toe and Checkers.
Playing games are a great way to build friendships and teach about compromise too! Read the book, LADYBUG GIRL AND THE BUMBLEBEE BOYthe theme is “friendship and compromise.” 

In the story, Lulu and her dog Bingo meet up with Sam on the playground and want to play together. Sam likes the sandbox but Lulu thinks the monkey bars are better. They just can’t agree…until Lulu asks, “Have you ever played Ladybug Girl?” Quickly, Sam becomes the brave Bumblebee Boy, and he and Lulu, a.k.a Ladybug Girl, are superheroes who save the playground from scary monsters and mean robots. New friends want to join their game too, and soon the Bug Squad is formed with Ladybug Girl, Bumblebee Boy, Dragonfly Girl, and Butterfly Girl using their imaginations to keep the playground safe.

make a Ladybug Tic Tac Toe game.
Gather walnut shells, paint, and brushes to make a Ladybug Tic Tac Toe game.

Paint walnut red to make a ladybug game.
Paint walnut red to make a ladybug.

Paint walnut yellow to make a bumblebee game.
Paint walnut yellow to make a bumblebee.

Hop over to Teaching Mama to print a ladybug life cycle printable activity the kids can make at the party!

Ladybug life cycle printable get details at
Ladybug life cycle printable available at

This is one of my all time favorite Sesame Street Videos: Ladybug Picnic.

Don't forget to leave a comment to enter to win Ladybug Girl items for your own party!


Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy*

Things to do with Walnuts

Paper Ladybug Tic Tac Toe Valentine

Frog Birthday Party Ideas 

Valentine's Day Skit for Kids: Hide and Seek Hearts

Hide and Seek Hearts is a Fun Play for Valentine's Day   

This Valentine's Day, get into the spirit of kindness with this fun play for Valentine's Day. This skit is perfect for elementary kids and can be adapted for preschoolers or junior high. All of our FREE play scripts include a companion craft. Hide and Seek Hearts is a fun activity that kids will love. Enjoy!

Valentine's Day Skit for Kids: Hide and Seek Hearts
Valentine's Day Skit for Kids: Hide and Seek Hearts.

Hide and Seek Hearts is a play for 8 participants. Get other children involved in creating the hearts and props needed to perform the skit.

This skit has a literacy focus. It teaches adjectives, action words, and encourages brainstorming for positive affirmations. Use it as a classroom companion project for language arts. Have the students come up with a kind, descriptive word for every class member and design a heart to share with them. Isn't that so much nicer than candy? We think so.

Free Printable PDF: Valentine's Day Skit for Kids

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Creative Country Sayings: If It Crawls Quote

I need a sign with some of these creative country sayings on my back door

My kids don't know a stranger and that includes a creepy crawly toad, frog, snake, bug, or any other wild thing. Click the tab above for more inspiring quotes and country sayings.

Country Sayings If it crawls quote idioms and memes
Creepy Crawly: Can you see the frog?

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Try Something New

Learn to Draw Insects: Step-by-Step Instructions for 26 Creepy Crawlies

Pin it! Online Scavenger Hunt for Preschool Curriculum ~ Week # 1 ~ 2013 Winner

It's a new year! What a great time to start following all the fun over on Pinterest. Each week, we host a scavenger hunt for the best preschool ideas on the web. There are 5 keywords to search and pin. You can follow for great ideas or join the fun and we'll add you as a collaborative pinner. As a pinner you get a chance to win crafty, kid-related prizes each week!

The Kaleidoscope Kids Children's Picture Book Teaches Colors, Numbers, and Shapes

Learn Colors in a Fun, Creative Way

Now and again, I am asked to do book reviews.  I accept but rarely offer a sidebar button, because I don't feel the book is in line with our message.  The Kaleidoscope Kids by Terry P. O'Grady is an adorable story about ten little fairies who were born to teach colors, numbers, and shapes to children. The beautiful, colorful  illustrations are done by Rick Barrett. (I love the quirky fairy illustrations so much; I want to see if Rick will illustrate something for me!)

Colorful, Creative Characters teach Colors, Numbers, and Shapes.

The Kaleidoscope Kids is perfect for preschool curriculum, as well as, the perfect bedtime story.  Terry O'Grady has four grown children, six grand children, and  has worked with many youth organizations. The story is designed to teach children a creative way to learn colors, numbers, and shapes. Each fairy has their own unique color, number, and shape coordinated together to aid in the process of visual learning. This book  should be added to the library of anyone with a child in preschool or early elementary school.

Great News! We have been given a signed copy of the book for a giveaway.  To enter for your chance to win follow our Pinterest Pin it to Win it! Online Scavenger Hunt for Preschool Curriculum and leave a comment on the purple pin to join and begin pinning. Winner will be announced December 3, 2012.

Click to purchase the book on Amazon or Create Space or Kindle.

*Tip: When you purchase through Create Space the author receives a larger royalty.

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Looking for THINGS TO DO with Kids? Check out our Pin it to Win it ~ Online Scavenger Hunt. Resource for Preschool Curriculum Ideas

Each month we search  for new words related to kids crafts or Preschool/Homeschool curriculum THINGS TO DO. Players pin their favorite ideas from blogs or their classroom. A winner is chosen and announced  on Pinterest.

For more details and to chat with teachers and kid bloggers join our Facebook Forum. New rules and how to play preschool scavenger hunt on Pinterest.

Things to do with Kids Preschool Curriculum Pin it Online Scavenger Hunt

Jake's Art: Still Life Picture: Homeschool Lesson 3

Still Life Picture Cobalt Bottle Homeschool Art Project

Oh my, what a fun journey in Art we have embarked upon this homeschool season. This week's assignment Still Life PicturesGather some fruit and other interesting items, arrange them on a table, and draw them as realistically as possible. Well, let's just say it took all of our stressometers to the max. Enjoy!

Still Life Picture Apples and Cobalt Bottle
The Still life example looked similar to this one 
with a cobalt bottle and fruit.
As, Jake sat having a melt-down, I searched the web for famous examples of still life. The lesson does mention not everyone has a natural ability to do realistic drawings, but practice makes perfect.

Picasso Still Life Painting
Picasso, Still Life with oranges.
Let me tell you, I've had years of practice. I cannot draw a realistic still life. So, I told Jake we would interpret our own realism like Picasso did in his interpretation. After all, everyone must start somewhere and the photographic images could stifle the most confident of young artists. I showed him many amazing still lifes. Examples are at the bottom of this post. He struggled with the contour drawings wanting to draw the entire table no matter how many times I explained, "Just pretend this is all you see."

This one depicts the entire surface of the table.
"Jake, please try again.  You are making this much too difficult.  Just draw a line to represent the table surface."  "I Can't!" He cried smashing his pencil down onto the table.

Still life on table with outline.

Still life with apple totem.

Still life third try.

Now, I didn't make him draft the outline five times. It was his perfectionist choice. I was ready to color-in the second one once he understood the concept of a horizon line, but he was compelled to continue the torture. His final drawing is below and quite lovely with its soft shadings, faint line of the table in the background and arrangement. (Nevermind the bottle lines showing through the fruit~choose your battles.)

In the meantime, his little sister (Mandy Mayhem) and natural born creative, drew this still life including the table, the windows, the painting on the wall, the wall, and some additional items she felt added to the picture.

 "I'm done Mommy. Can I do another one? I really like the Fishbowl Matisse, can I do one of those?"  Sure, Mayhem just do it quietly so Jake can concentrate.

Matisse Fishbowl Still Life Picture Goldfish
Matisse with Goldfish.

If only, Jake could concentrate. Remind your kids to relax!  Relaxation is the most important element of quality art. He has a special talent, but this project was very stressful for him.

The pictures below, especially Wassily Kandinsky,  gave him the courage to trudge ahead. We also found Paul Klee and Joan Miro still lifes. 

Everyone who studied art had to do a still life. Note the Paul Cezanne's skulls. So, paint what you enjoy. Make the project your own, but fulfill the assignment.

Warhol Still Life Image
Warhol Still Life
Cezanne Still Life Skulls
Cezanne Still Life
Picasso Still Life
Picasso Still Life

Kandinsky Still Life
Kandinsky Still Life
Picasso Still Life
Picasso Still Life

Matisse Still Life
Matisse Still Life

The still life was our worst struggle by far, but it was also a turning point. The next post is a much happier, carefree one. As Jake's journey continues you will see a calmer more reflective, budding young artist.

Remember these points:
A little encouragement goes a long way.

You don't have to erase in ART. The mistakes can make a Masterpiece.

Never tell your child or anyone else their drawing doesn't look real. It is art, a beautiful interpretation in the eye of the beholder. What if Picasso or Warhol stopped trying because they weren't successful? 

Andy Warhol is a fantastic example. Practice does make perfect but not necessarily photographic. Once he abandoned the notion he needed to be a "real artist" not a graphic artist; he finally became a Master of his own success.

Read more about Lesson one (Line - how do you feel about art.) and Lesson two (tunnel book perspective.)

And this one next (if you are following in order): Oh happy day: progress with watercolors and paper arts.

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ADS DISCLOSURE: We've partnered with some wonderful advertisers who may sponsor blog posts or send us samples to test. Some companies pay us to review their products.

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Jake's Journey in Art - Homeschool Lesson - 4 Watercolor Seascape (Wet on Wet)

Jake's Journey in Art: Watercolor Wet on Wet techniques for Homeschoolers

Kids Creative Chaos building Self-Esteem one art lesson at a time.

Lesson:  Choose one of the seascapes and one watercolor technique you've learned.

It was time for our next art lesson. Jake moaned and complained as usual, until I reminded him this week's lessons involved painting. "Yay! I like to paint. I never got to paint in art class."  Say what you say?  Catch up here. Art is about the journey, not the end result.

Homeschool Art Project How to paint wet on wet watercolor technique
Jake's seascape is on the left, Mayhem is on the right. She's added some embellishments.
Did you notice his attention to detail?  This is not a child who should despise art. Thankfully, we are making amazing progress.

Now, what Jake really meant to say was- I love it when I'm allowed to make a mess. He chose the sailboat scene and the wet on wet technique. Which is exactly as it sounds, paint water over your entire paper, dip your brush in water and the color, and let it bleed blend. Don't move it until it is dry.

We also did the salt painting technique and sprinkled salt on the wet sand area. When it dries it looks like real sand.

We first traced over the image to get a feel for it and then we lightly drew it in pencil on our watercolor paper. When painting with watercolors it is important to use the right paper. Copy paper will deteriorate with too much water. The fibers in the watercolor paper are designed to soak up the excess. Still, we laid out three layers of newspaper and had a roll of paper towels ready and waiting. Inevitably, someone always spills the water.

Our art table, okay, it is our dining room table. We never use it for that!

I am pleased to announce this assignment was our turn around lesson. In fact, his feelings about art have changed so much in a recent lesson on mask making he said, "Mommy, it is really awesome that I have a teacher who knows so much about art. You can teach me so many cool things!" (Insert tears here.)

I am quite skilled in the art of mask making. My highschool, art teacher, Mrs. Conway did a lesson on mask's with handmade paper. I made 3 or 4 different projects, entered them into an art contest and won some sort of an award. 

Oh my, I wish I could tell you what it was but a lot of time has passed since then.  After, I took a tiny scholarship to college and studied theatre design, art, and architecture. I've used the skills I learned in those classes to make many a mask for many a child in an after-school program, made some great mardi-gras costumes, and designed many theatrical props and sets. We'll post mask making 101 next week.

Hooray! Someone finally took notice.  My college journey was not a waste after all :-)

Okay, the real point is that Jake took notice. Chuckle-chuckle and all it took was some fancy paper curling around a pencil and a cool, paper snake. Mom's have mad skills, don't they. I'm gearing up to ask Jake to draw a new picture of how he feels about Mommy's art class-eh. Maybe I'll just take a photo of his expression.

Things are looking up!

Storytime ~ Teach Kids to Weave a Web of Wonder with Storytelling Curriculum Ideas

Storytime Woes?

Have you ever tried it with a room full of little people under the age of two?  What a fun experience, it takes a roomful of parents to keep everyone on target.  And, a room full of early elementary age children isn't much easier, if you're lucky they might stay on their squares, but keeping everyone silent at the same time is nearly a feat of wizardry.

Free Things to do in Indiana ~ Sodalis Nature Park in Plainfield/Camby

Home of the Endangered Myotis Sodalis Bat

Here is my article at, Sodalis Nature Park. A nature preserve is a great way to get outdoors, explore nature, and teach kid's science.

Endangered Indiana Bat
The park is perfect to take the kids on a nature scavenger hunt or a Saturday hike.

Sand Art Bottle Craft No Sand Colored Rice

How to Make Sand Art in a Bottle without Sand

We wanted to make sand art in a bottle, but we didn't have any colored sand. Also, we like to make our crafts edible whenever possible so that toddlers and preschoolers can participate without getting sick. Isn't this lovely? Just what does one do with such a beautiful piece of art? We put it in our kitchen window.

Make Sand art with edible colored rice in a bottle.
Colored rice in a bottle in place of sand.

How to make sand art in a bottle with colored rice

To get started you will need:

White Rice, Salt, Baggies, and Food Coloring

How to color rice.
Coloring Rice.
To make sand art with rice:

Place dry rice in a Ziploc bag.
Squeeze in 3-4 drops of food coloring. 
We used NEON colors.
Add some rice and a little salt to brighten the color.
Shake, then use hands to mix any rice that doesn't take color right away.

Purple colored rice.
Knead the rice to mix in the color.
Now you are ready to create beautiful sand-art designs with rice. Grab a funnel and have fun. Want to make an intricate pattern? Use the end of a paint brush to tap rice down. You can make flowers easily. Give it a try and show us your skill in the comment section, "Tell us your two cents" below.

Making rice art with a funnel.

We used Play-doh as a cork. Make a little ball and tap it in with a finger.
Leftover, colored salt crystals.
"Hey, Mommy is food coloring edible?  Wait, I know it is because it says food.  Can I have some?"

"I love salt!  Rice, not so much."

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