How to Craft a Snow Globe or I Spy New Year's Time Capsule Activity

Make a New Year's Time Capsule from a Christmas Ornament

A clear glass or plastic Christmas ornament makes a fun party favor and Mini Time Capsule for  New Year's Eve party celebrations with kids.

Make a New Year's Time Capsule from a Christmas Ornament
Festive New Year Decoration
I Spy Something,

How to make a New Year Time Capsule from a glass Christmas Ornament Decoration

You will need:

A clear ornament with a large opening.
Iridescent sparkle paint.
Glitter glue.
Cotton Balls or Fake Snow or Shredded Paper.
Miscellaneous items such as sparkly pipe-cleaners, star confetti, and mini-tree ornaments.

Remove the top and drip paint inside.  Let dry by standing on a toilet tube.  Once dry, insert snow. We tore cotton balls and stuffed them inside using a straw.  Add piece of sparkle (pipe-cleaners or confetti).  Insert surprises to "I Spy". We added a nutcracker soldier. Replace top. Using toilet tube as an easel paint "Happy" with glitter glue on outside.  Add glitter glue dots of varying colors. Attach shiny ribbon and hang from mantle.

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Fun Tip:  Fill with "Snow" and then paint or draw a snowman's face for an all-winter mantle decoration.


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