How to Make a New Year's Activity Care Package for Midnight

Make this New Year Care Package Kit for the Countdown

What do you when the clock strikes twelve? When the ball drops? Here's a new Tradition for New Year's Eve. Make a Midnight Care Package for family and party guests to open in the New Year. Enjoy!

Silver Surprise Package filled with... 

How to Make New Year's Eve Activity Craft a care package for the countdown.
Midnight New Year Care Package Kit for the Countdown.

Grab those leftover gift boxes from Christmas or get busy recycling and wrap an empty box in shiny paper. We used a tiny jewelry box. Construction paper tag reads:

 "Do not open until Midnight - 12/31/16"

How to make a New Year Countdown Care Package Kit

Tie a ribbon around the package and insert sparkly pipe-cleaners. To make spirals, wrap the pipe-cleaner around your finger or a pencil. Wrap the end of the pipe-cleaner around the ribbon to attach.

Loop another piece of ribbon through the end of package bow. Tie a knot to hang from mantle. Don't forget to curl all the loose ends with your scissors. Take strand of ribbon, stretch taut, and slide one scissor blade from end to end to curl. Hang from mantle on festive silver hooks.

Fill box with fun gifts for the kiddos or make it a Midnight Care Package by filling it with a noise maker/kazoo and a pair of silly glasses, a special message, and a party hat. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!  Surprise.

Tip:  For an Adult alternative, hang these from silver hooks over the mantle or from a fancy ribbon garland overhead in the doorway. Fill the tiny boxes with fortunes (think cookie) or use larger boxes and fill with noisemakers, and pen and paper to write down resolutions. Let guest open just before the ball drop on Times Square.  

Tip:  Instead of resolutions, have guests write fun fortunes, toss them all in a hat, and pass the hat around to "reveal" your New Year's future.

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