Sunday Food for Thought Weight 2011

What have I learned from a year ago today?  Things don't change you nor do resolutions, other people, or guilt. Only the right mind set can you change you. Focus on what you can do and will stick to, not what you probably won't do and can't stick to, filter out everyone else's fodder. Once you start changing that mind set everything else will fall into place.

I'm updating my blogs and my life.
Here is a fun, personal post from a year ago, Weight Loss Saga of an Overweight Food Hater
Do you do the Dew?  Even a vanishing rat won't stop me.  It's my drug of choice.  It improves my mood, cuts the flim-flam from my cough, and seems to keep everything flowing properly.  My teeth and my weight are it's nemesis. I'm gonna be that lady from this old post too.  Chaos (Scroll down and you'll see her, the future me, with her cart and no teeth.)

I gotta run. It is getting late and I haven't had my morning Dew yet.

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