Wordless Wednesday: Billy the Exterminator Event

Meet Billy the Exterminator at World of Wheels

Who is Billy the Exterminator? This guy. The kids were huge fans! Scroll down to see an episode and to find out, what happened to Billy the Exterminator? Looking for things to do in Indiana? 

Indy (Indianapolis, Indiana)is known for the Indianapolis 500 and other motor racing events. Indy also hosts a huge World of Wheels event every year.

Billy the Exterminator

We waited in line with an unhappy Jake for three hours.  Billy was delayed.  Not so sure he was worth the wait. We paid $45 to get into the World of Wheels, $5 to Park, and $5 for the photo. (Amanda was free.) Kids faces, priceless. 

Where is Billy the Exterminator now? What happened to Billy the Exterminator?

Billy the Exterminator picture

Billy is tiny, I felt like I towered over him. The kids were overwhelmed, Mommy had to prompt them to speak. Amanda had a question. 

Billy: "Sweetie, you had a question for me? Go ahead Hon, ask it."  
Amanda: "How did your hair get black? You have blonde hair." 
Billy: (Laughing) "Aw... some Girl Scouts jumped me and dyed my hair! Can you believe that?" 

Jake had already jumped off stage relieved he could go home and play video games, ironic, since this was his surprise.

Amanda covered her mouth in mock shock and laughed. "Mommy, did you hear what he said?" 

She's a star struck, boy chaser. Next time, we better wait in line to see Justin Bieber.

Lora is a homeschooling mom, writer, creator of Kids Creative Chaos, and Director of the Play Connection.