Speedway Indiana: Things to do & Activities

Family Friendly Things to do with Kids in Speedway, Indiana

We love Speedway, Indiana. We attended church in Speedway for several years and have attended many events at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We're sharing our favorite places to go and things to do in Speedway with kids. Enjoy!

Speedway Indiana: Things to do & Activities
Speedway Indiana: Things to do & Activities.

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One thing that is very notable about Speedway, Indiana is that there isn't much to do. With all of the hype and tourists during the Indianapolis 500, you'd think Speedway would be a hub for tourists. They've added more races in the fall, but still Speedway is pretty much a sleeper- very plain and very in need of a makeover. Every time we visit, I think 'why isn't this place more like Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg?' It seems like a missed opportunity.

So, to find the good stuff (and stay safe) you really need to know what you are doing. Here are our picks for the best of Speedway, Indiana.

Things to do in Speedway, Indiana with Kids

Unique Restaurants 

Mug N' Bun Drive-In Restaurant is probably Speedway's second biggest claim to fame- after the Motor Speedway, of course. Whether you dine outside in the warm months, pull up in your car, or hit the restaurant next door, you'll enjoy old-fashioned drive-in food at its finest.

Mug N' Bun Drive in Restaurant Speedway Indiana things do places to eat
Mug N' Bun Restaurant, Speedway, Indiana.

Mug N' Bun: It doesn't look like much, but it is a fun experience.

Enjoy the brightly colored indoor seating at Mug N' Bun.

If you enjoy dining in, hop into the building next door. You'll get the same food, but you order with an indoor waitress who places your order next door. The 1950's signs are fun to read. There's also a Juke Box.

Giant Tenderloin at Mug N' Bun.

We recommend a chocolate shake and fried mac n' cheese bites!

Around the corner, and on the main strip of town, (just off the interstate) you'll find a Hardee's with a racecar on the roof. That's cool, stop in and get a hand-dipped shake!

Speedway Community Events

The Speedway Public Library is quaint. It sits next to the high-school and offers many activities throughout the year. We often attend Homeschool Days. They offer the best Summer Event programs. We often took our Summer Camp to the free weekly activities which included magicians, scientists, puppet shows, movies, animal shows, and so much more. Check the calendar for details. Community Events Calendar

Speedway Library 
5633 W. 25th St.
Speedway, IN 46224

  • Meadowood - our favorite, nice and shady - don't miss the summer event series.

Meadowood Park, Speedway, Indiana.

  • Leonard - fun equipment, nice and sunny

St. Christopher's Catholic Church Mid-Summer Festival (July)

Eagledale Baseball Diamonds (at St. John's Church)

Of course, the reason most people come to Speedway is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway or IMS. IMS offers lots of fun, family friendly activities throughout the year.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway or IMS
Visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The Holiday Light Display at IMS had its inaugural year in 2016. It is your chance to drive around track in your own vehicle! Many of the Christmas lights have a racing theme.

Holiday Light Display at IMS

Holiday Light Display at IMS.

Visit the IMS Museum and take a Bus Tour around the Track. This is an inexpensive opportunity to learn all about Indianapolis 500 history.

Main Street Speedway, Indiana

Main Street, Speedway, Indiana.

Recently, Main Street has undergone renovation. It is walkable, but there still isn't a lot to do with kids. Don't be disappointed, but do take the time to visit.

We visited the Dallara Indy Car Museum and Factory Tour. I wanted to love it, despite the bad reviews on Google. This is a missed opportunity. If you are a race fan, you'll enjoy the movie. I plan to visit again with relatives, despite the price. The biggest complaint is that the tour of the factory is unavailable. It was closed the day we were there too. I assume the "museum" is just a lobby for what is behind closed doors- but I didn't get to see. The staff didn't mention the factory being closed. 

Dear Dallara, perhaps, use retired volunteers who have a passion for the race or Speedway rather then bored young people- just sayin'.

There are a few cars in the building. We found two that were race simulators. There are also stand alone race simulators.

The simulators are all broken in one way or another. Luckily, on our visit we were the only ones there. So, it was easy to hop from simulator to simulator to find one that worked. I assume the traffic is heavy during race season? I just don't know. It is sad, really. On a positive note, during race season in Indy there are simulators at local grocery stores and you have to pay to play. Anywhere from $3-10. These were included in the price of admission. So... that's something.

Read the reviews, pretty much spot on.

Dallara Car Factory, Speedway, Indiana.

Indy Car Simulators at Dallara.

Disney Junior, Mickey Mouse Racecar at Dallara.
Through the window, you can see the Foyt Wine Vault.

This is what they thought about the museum.
It took less than 20 minutes to see- that included the movie.

The best part of Dallara were the seats in the movie viewing area- they were made to resemble racecar seating. Super comfortable. Yawn.

More things to do on Main Street

Restaurant- Dawson's on Main

Charlie Brown's Pancake House- Don't miss this one

Lino's Coffee House- Part of Dallara. Cool to see.

Dallara's Lino Coffee House.

Ceiling in Linos' Coffee.

Not for kids, but you might enjoy Foyt's Wine Vault and the Daredevil Brewing Craft Beer company.

Big Woods Restaurant is cool inside and out. The menu is a bit unusual. We'll be back to this one. It is directly across the street from Allison's Transmission factory.

Big Woods Restaurant, Speedway.

Delicious bread from Big Woods.

Supreme Nachos from Big Woods.

Speedway Indoor Karting - Go Karts (Sarah Fisher)

1911 Grill (Sarah Fisher)

Around the corner from Big Woods, you'll find the Famous Tomato. It is a fresh food, outdoor market/farmer's market with soup, salad, and chili.

Less than 10 minute drive

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So, what is your favorite thing to do in Speedway?


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