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Investigating Detectives: Kid Sensory Science and Gardening with Egg Cartons

Sensory Play is a big buzz word. Back in the day, all my play time was sensory play. I'd run around outside, get filthy making mud pies and sand ice cream, dash through the sprinkler, plop in the bath, (where I swirled Dad's shaving cream into Mom's shampoo painting Picasso's all around the tub) and head to bed one truly happy camper. Make a sensory science egg carton garden with your kids!

Gardening is the best form of Sensory Play Based Learning How to garden with the kids with egg cartons
Gardening: The original Sensory Play Based Learning.

Today, lots of people don't like to let their kids get messy or to be seen in dirty clothes, the horror!

Use egg cartons to start seeds seedlings indoors
Start your seeds in egg cartons in doors in early spring.
I sweep the kitchen and bathroom floor several times a week, but you'd never know it. Anytime you stop by for a visit you'll find dried mud, bits of dandelions, grains of sand, tiny twigs, and a few dead bugs. And, at least two kids in dirty clothes. I often joke, I'm no Martha Stewart, but I'm no June Cleaver either. Ahem... If I had to pick a t.v. personality's home to compare ours too... I fear we resemble Roseanne the most, just not so crass.

Everyday is Sensory Play day! Last week, Jake was covered in mud he found in a hole in the backyard. I plan to make some mud paint for my next sensory post.

Amanda loves to investigate with her magnifying glass, ziploc baggies, and spoons from the kitchen drawer.

When our seedlings come up, we'll plant them in this little garden box we built together last year. We have healthy strawberry plants already!

Garden boxes to keep bunnies out rabbits
Keep bunnies out of your garden with raised garden boxes.

Science projects cover the front porch, 'Please watch your step.' Our favorite toys are anything we can find growing in the yard.  

Bonus = lots of free toys!

Kid Sensory Science: Play Based Learning How to Garden with Kids

A Whole lot of fun with the Tickle Me plant. 
By far, the best seed to plant with your kiddos!

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